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2024 SASSA SRD Grants2024 SASSA SRD Grants

2024 SASSA SRD Grants

In his February price range speech, Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana disclosed that there would be an make bigger in SASSA SRD offers in the 12 months 2024. 2024 SASSA SRD Grants However, the precise timing and the extent of the make bigger remained unsure till recently.

Increase in SASSA SRD Grants

Business Live has suggested that the SASSA SRD gives you will bear a 5.7% increase, translating to a upward jostle from R350 to R370 per month for the about 8.5-million Social Relief of Distress beneficiaries. This increment is scheduled to take impact from April 2024.

Comparative Analysis

When in contrast to different SASSA beneficiaries of South African Social Security Agency grants, who obtained a 4.8% expand in 2024, the 5.7% hike for SRD supplies seems especially generous. Nonetheless, positive social rights organizations, like the Social Policy Initiative, may also view this expand as inadequate, advocating for a increase to at least R760.

Comprehensive Programme

During a session of the National Assembly on March 13th, the Finance Minister introduced the impending enlarge in SASSA SRD grants. Despite an preliminary earmarking of R36 billion for social grants, the finances allotted for social welfare in 2024/25 stands at R33.6 billion. The extension of the COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress fund past March 2025 relies upon on the re-election of the African National Congress in the General Election in May and the ebook of a complete social protection programme by way of Social Development Minister Lindiwe Zulu.

2024 SASSA SRD Grants
2024 SASSA SRD Grants

Next Payment Dates

The coming near near price dates for SASSA SRD supplies are set from Monday 25 March 2024 to Friday 29 March 2024, encompassing Good Friday. Subsequently, the expanded R370 SRD repayments will begin from Wednesday 24 April 2024 to Tuesday 20 April 2024.

SASSA SRD furnish

Recipients can verify their SASSA SRD furnish repute via gaining access to the respectable portal and getting into the ID and cellular telephone variety used at some stage in application. Alternatively, they can make use of WhatsApp with the aid of messaging eighty two forty six 8553 or name the toll-free wide variety 0800 60 10 eleven and observe the prompts.


In conclusion, the amplify in 2024 SASSA SRD Grants promises offers a glimmer of hope for beneficiaries amidst monetary uncertainties. While the hike may additionally be perceived in another way by way of quite a number stakeholders, it underscores the ongoing efforts to alleviate economic misery amongst susceptible communities.

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What is the value of the 5.7% make bigger in SASSA SRD grants?

The expand signifies a superb step toward addressing economic hardships confronted with the aid of beneficiaries.

Why are some companies advocating for a large extend in SRD grants?

Certain companies accept as true with that the modern extend is inadequate to meet the simple wishes of recipients and suggest for a greater amount.

What elements decide the extension of the COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress fund?

The extension relies upon on the consequence of the General Election and the system of a complete social safety programme.

How can recipients take a look at their SASSA SRD supply status?

Recipients can take a look at their popularity online, through WhatsApp, or by way of calling the toll-free variety provided.

When will the accelerated repayments of R370 commence?

The elevated repayments will start from April 2024 onwards.