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350 status check online

The SRD allow, moreover known as the R350 grant, could be a money related help program advertised by SASSA to assist qualified South Africans confronting hardship. To be qualified, you must meet particular criteria with respect to wage, work status, and other factors.

 SASSA Installment Status Check:

You can check your Sassa SRD R350 grant application status online by visiting the official SASSA website ( There, you’ll enter your South African ID number and the phone number you used during application. Once submitted, you’ll see a comprehensive list of your application statuses, including the latest update on approval and potential payment dates.

 Checking Online:

  •  Visit the official SASSA SRD site:
  •  Enter your South African ID number and versatile number utilized amid application.
  •  Press “Submit.”
  •  You will get an SMS with a One-Time-Pin (OTP).
  •  Enter the OTP on the site to see your status.
  •  Checking Through USSD:
  •  Dial 1203210# on your phone.
  •  Take after the prompts, entering your ID number when requested.
  •  Your application status will be displayed.

Checking By means of SMS:

 Send an SMS containing your ID number to 082 046 8553.

 You will get an SMS together with your status.


 Call the SASSA toll-free number: 0800 60 10 11.

 Take after the prompts and give your ID number when requested.

 A SASSA operator can help you with checking your status.

Critical Note:

 Data given here is for common instructive purposes as it were and ought to not be considered official SASSA advice.

Continuously allude to the official SASSA website or contact their toll-free number for the most recent data and accurate subtle elements specific to your situation.

Sassa Status:

Endorsed: You’re qualified and will get the R350 allow payment.

Pending: Your application is being handled, and SASSA is checking on your information.

Declined: You’re not qualified for the give at this time. You will have the correct to offer this decision. Managing an account Details

 In the event that you happen to alter your bank account, or get a modern bank account, you’ve got to make sure that you are simply keeping money points of interest that Sassa has for you. In the event that you would like managing an account point of interest we have the data for you. You do not need your cash paid into somebody else’s bank account! You must yield keeping money subtle elements changes to Sassa to guarantee they have the proper bank account – and account number – listed.

 So keep in mind that when managing with SASSA managing an account points of interest are exceptionally vital and you must make beyond any doubt they have your individual subtle elements correctly stored to guarantee you get your allow cash. The site for this data is managing an account account area. Different give data is overhauled on this site. It is vital to note simply ought to overhaul your keeping money subtle elements here as before long as you’re mindful of your modern bank subtle elements by taking after the steps laid out on the website.

 How to Overhaul Your Managing an account Points of interest For The Social Help of Trouble Grant:

 Step 1: Visit the Official Sassa Site for SRD grants:

 To begin the method of overhauling your keeping money subtle elements, you wish to visit the official Sassa (South African Social Security Organization) site at That’s the same site for your give application or to check your Sassa status

 Step 2: Find the “Keeping money Subtle elements Upgrade” Section:

 Once you’re on the site, investigate the diverse areas to discover the “Keeping money Subtle elements Upgrade” alternative. It can be found within the primary menu or displayed as a separate tab. Click on this option to proceed further.

 Step 3: Provide Personal Information:

 On the banking details update page, you will be required to provide your personal information accurately. This includes your name, ID number, and contact details. Make sure the information you enter matches your application details to avoid any complications along with money.


How long does it take to prepare an application? 

Handling times can change depending on the volume of applications.

What do I do in case my application is declined? 

You’ll be the choice inside 30 days by taking after the instructions on the SASSA website.

Where can I offer assistance with my application? 

You’ll be able to SASSA through their site, toll-free number, or social media channels.

How do I get my installment? 

In the event that endorsed, you’ll get the R350 allow by means of EFT, bank store, or cash at a Post Office or Choose n Pay.