Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

SASSA Old-Age Pension Grants For this Month

SASSA Old-Age Pension Grants The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is scheduled to distribute old-age pension grants for June 2024 starting on Tuesday, June 4th. Approximately 4 million beneficiaries are slated to receive their payments, with the grant amounts set at R2,180 for individuals aged 60 and above, and R2,200 for those aged 75 and above (Sassa Insider) (AffluenceR).

Key Payment Dates for June 2024 Older Persons Grant: June 4th, 2024

Disability Grant: June 5th, 2024

Other Grants: June 6th, 2024

Beneficiaries are reminded that funds can be collected any time after the payment date, and the money will remain in their accounts until withdrawn (SASSA Grants SA). Avoiding Exclusion from SASSA Old-Age Grants

Enhanced Security Measures In a bid to combat fraud and ensure the rightful recipients receive their funds, SASSA has implemented stricter asset and means tests, along with facial recognition software. This software aims to deter digital fraudsters from exploiting the system and ensure only eligible individuals receive the grants.

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Eligibility and Application Process Eligibility Criteria To qualify for old-age pension grants, applicants must meet specific financial criteria:

Single individuals: Annual income must not exceed R86,280 (R7,190 monthly).

Married couples: Combined annual income must not exceed R172,560 (R14,380 monthly).

Additionally, asset limits are set at R1,227,600 for single individuals and R2,455,200 for married couples (SASSA Check Online) (AffluenceR).

How to Apply Applications for old-age pension grants must be submitted in person at a SASSA office. The necessary documents include:

A 13-digit bar-coded identity document (ID).

Proof of marital status.

Proof of residence.

Income and asset declarations.

Bank statements for the last three months.

The application process may take up to three months, with retroactive payments made upon approval (SASSA Check Online) (AffluenceR). Alternative Payment Methods for SASSA Grants 2024

Continued Eligibility and Exclusion Criteria Beneficiaries do not need to reapply every year; however, periodic reviews are conducted to verify continued eligibility. Grants may be terminated if beneficiaries no longer meet the asset and means test criteria, relocate permanently outside South Africa, or experience changes in personal circumstances such as health deterioration requiring state care (SASSA Check Online) (AffluenceR).

Remaining Payment Dates for 2024 To assist beneficiaries in planning their finances, here are the remaining payment dates for 2024:

Tuesday, 2nd July 2024

Friday, 2nd August 2024

Tuesday, 3rd September 2024

Wednesday, 2nd October 2024

Tuesday, 5th November 2024

Tuesday, 3rd December 2024 (Sassa Insider) (AffluenceR).

SASSA Old-Age Pension Quick Details

Aspect Details Payment Date (June 2024) 4th June 2024 Grant Amount (60+) R2,180 Grant Amount (75+) R2,200 Eligibility Review Periodic Means Test (Single) R86,280 annually / R7,190 monthly Means Test (Married) R172,560 annually / R14,380 monthly Application Process In-person at SASSA offices Required Documents ID, proof of marital status, residence, income, assets, bank statements


When will the June 2024 SASSA old-age pension grants be paid? The grants will be paid on Tuesday, 4th June 2024.

How much will I receive if I am over 75? Beneficiaries over 75 will receive R2,200.

What documents are required for the application? Applicants must provide a 13-digit bar-coded ID, proof of marital status, residence, income, assets, and bank statements.

Are there any new security measures for grant disbursements? Yes, SASSA has implemented facial recognition software to prevent fraud.

What are the income limits for eligibility? Single individuals must have an annual income below R86,280, while married couples must have a combined annual income below R172,560.


As we approach June 2024, it is essential for beneficiaries to stay informed about the SASSA old-age pension grant disbursement schedules and eligibility criteria. By understanding these details, recipients can better manage their finances and ensure they receive the support they need in a timely manner. SASSA’s efforts to enhance security and streamline processes aim to provide effective financial assistance to South Africa’s elderly population.