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Checking your SASSA status online 2024 (South African Social Security Agency) status on GovChat is a convenient and efficient way to stay updated on your application progress, payment status, and any other relevant information related to your benefits. Gov Chat is a platform that allows citizens to interact with government services, including SASSA, through digital channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data). Here’s a detailed guide on how to check your SASSA status on Gov Chat:

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Accessing Gov Chat:

To begin, you’ll need to access the Gov Chat platform through your preferred digital channel. GovChat is available on various platforms, including WhatsApp (+27 60 012 3456), Facebook Messenger (Gov ChatSA), and USSD (*120*10111#). Choose the platform that is most convenient for you and initiate the interaction with Gov Chat.

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Initiate SASSA Status Check:

Once you’ve accessed GovChat, you can initiate the process of checking your SASSA status by typing a specific keyword or phrase related to SASSA. For example, you can type “SASSA status check” or “Check my SASSA application status” to begin the process. GovChat will then guide you through the steps to proceed with checking your status.

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Provide Required Information:

GovChat will prompt you to provide certain information to verify your identity and locate your SASSA application or beneficiary profile. This information may include your ID number, SASSA reference number, or other details associated with your application. It’s important to provide accurate information to ensure that GovChat can retrieve the correct status information for you.

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Follow the Prompts:

Once you’ve provided the necessary information, GovChat will guide you through the process of checking your SASSA status. This may involve navigating through a series of prompts or menus to select the specific type of status information you’re interested in, such as application status, payment status, or any updates or changes to your benefits.

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Receive Status Update:

After you’ve completed the steps, GovChat will provide you with a status update based on the information you’ve provided. This may include details about the current status of your application, whether it’s still being processed, approved, or if there are any issues or delays that need to be addressed. Additionally, GovChat may provide information on recent payments made or upcoming payment dates.

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Additional Assistance:

If you encounter any issues or need further assistance while checking your SASSA status on GovChat, the platform may offer options for additional assistance. This could include connecting you with a SASSA representative for further support or providing relevant resources and information to address your concerns.

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Follow-Up as Needed:

Once you’ve received your SASSA status update on GovChat, it’s essential to follow up as needed, especially if you have any questions, concerns, or if there are discrepancies in the information provided. GovChat may offer options for further communication or assistance, such as contacting SASSA directly or accessing additional resources through the platform.



Checking your SASSA status on GovChat is a simple and convenient process that allows you to stay informed about your application progress and benefit status. By following the steps outlined above and providing accurate information, you can easily access the status information you need and take appropriate action as necessary. GovChat serves as a valuable tool for citizens to interact with government services, including SASSA, in a digital and accessible manner, ensuring transparency, efficiency, and convenience in accessing social security benefits.

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