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Final Chance To Apply R350 Grant FebruaryFinal Chance To Apply R350 Grant February

Final Chance To Apply R350 Grant February 

There are as it were a couple of cleared out to apply for SASSA’s Extraordinary Help of Trouble allow which sees recipients get R350 per month. Candidates are empowered to contact SASSA workplaces in the event that they have not however gotten their social allow payments.

Applications for SASSA’s R350 allow will near on 30 April 2021. This implies that this month is the final month to send in an application to advantage from this SASSA Uncommon Alleviation of Trouble (SRD) grant

BREAKING NEWS: The President has reported that the R350 grant will be reinstated. Applications are not however open. 


SASSA has made it clear merely don’t got to re-apply for the give in case you have got done so. Here’s how to apply.

How To Apply For SASSA’s R350 Grant

SRD Website:


WhatsApp: 082 046 8553

USSD: *134*7737#

In case you’ve as of now connected and have been endorsed, you ought to at that point fair anticipate installment. Candidates are energized to contact SASSA workplaces in case they have not however gotten their social allow payments.

SASSA candidates are encouraged to frequently check their application status within the occasion of no payment.

The organization has underscored that there’s no settled date for the installment of the allow. Candidates will be paid as long as they qualify.

You will get installments from the month in which you applied.

Final Chance To Apply R350 Grant February 
Final Chance To Apply R350 Grant February

The President announced a National Site of Calamity as a result of the Covid-19 worldwide widespread. In this respect he presented a uncommon Covid 19 Social Help of Trouble Allow (SRD) of R350 per month to be paid to individuals who are right now unemployed, don’t get any frame of wage, social allow or UIF installment etc.

Last words:

The R350 give program has been expanded until Walk 2025. This implies you’ll be able apply and proceed getting the give in the event that you meet the qualification criteria. There’s no due date for applications at this time.

Here are a few key focuses to remember SASSA Grant:

Application handle: You’ll be able for the R350 grant online through the South African Social Security Office (SASSA) website or the SASSA app.

Qualification criteria: To qualify, you must be unemployed, not getting any other social gifts or UIF installments, and residing in South Africa. Your wage must moreover be underneath a certain threshold.

Instalment sum: The give sum remains R350 per month.

More data: For the most recent overhauls and nitty gritty data almost the R350 give, you’ll allude to the official SASSA site: 

Due dates Sassa R350 Give :

Month to month application due dates: Applications for a particular month regularly near around the 7th of that month. So, to be considered for Walk payment, apply by Walk 7th, 2024.

Restoration due dates: After an application period closes, you might require to reapply amid the another application window. Remain upgraded on official SASSA (South African Social Security Office) channels for correct dates.

SASSA Contact :

SASSA site:

SASSA contact center: 0800 601 011

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The R350 grant is intended as temporary relief, not a permanent solution. Explore other avenues for long-term financial stability, like skills development or job seeking initiatives.

Utilize the grant responsibly to meet essential needs like food, shelter, and healthcare.