Thu. Jun 13th, 2024
GovChat Application Shape For SASSA SRD R350GovChat Application Shape For SASSA SRD R350

GovChat Application Shape For SASSA SRD R350

Do you need to apply for the SASSA gifts but going to the office and holding up in long lines is an deterrent for you? If yes, at that point you don’t require to hold up advance to apply for your give. The GovChat app joined forces with SASSA to encourage the SASSA candidates online without going to the SASSA office in person.

Yes, you will as it were require to download the GovChat application on your portable phone and can apply online effortlessly for your SRD grant.

In this article, I will diagram all the steps you require to apply for your SASSA SRD allow utilizing the GovChat app. I will keep the steps exceptionally basic so you don’t have any perplexity and can take after the steps effectively. So, let’s move further.

Things Required Some time recently Applying for SASSA SRD Allow Utilizing GovChat App

Before moving towards the application prepare, you will require to have a few vital basics and archives for a smooth application handle. It would be ideal if you keep the taking after things with yourself some time recently applying:

Your Full Title along with your Surname, date of birth and gender.

Your South African 13 digit barcoded ID card. If you are an refuge searcher, displaced person or uncommon allow holder, at that point you must have your international id or extraordinary allow number.

An dynamic cell phone phone number that is enlisted on your claim name.

A utility charge, bank explanation or any other report that demonstrates your current living address.

Your most later bank articulation that appears your pay and costs. (On the off chance that you don’t have a bank account, at that point you don’t require this)

If you were already utilized, verification of your unemployment status, like a release certificate from your past work will be required.

Any other reports that appear your current monetary circumstance and verification that your are in require of money related assistance.

Once you have assembled all these things, at that point move to the another to download the GovChat application and begin the application process.

Step-By-Step Prepare to Apply for SASSA Give Utilizing GovChat Application Form

So, presently I am going to list the steps you require to take after to begin your SRD application prepare by utilizing the GovChat app.

Please note that you will require a portable gadget to total the application prepare as as of now GovChat as it were gives portable application bolster to apply for the SASSA grant.

Step 1: Download the GovChat Application

First, you require to download the GovChat application from their official website.

Visit the GovChat site by means of interface:

Click the “GovChat Now” button underneath the site header.

A popup will show up. Tap on the “GovChat Presently on Our App” button from the popup.

Now, you will be diverted to the application download page. Download the app from this page.

Once you download the application, move to the another step.

Step 2: Total the Enlistment Handle on GovChat

After downloading the GovChat application, introduce and dispatch it. Presently, you will have to enroll on application to proceed the process:

Enter your phone number in the enlistment form.The number ought to be dynamic and enlist on your claim title as it will be utilized for all future SASSA updates.

In the another step, you will require to confirm the captcha. Confirm it carefully.

Now, yield the enlistment form.

By taking after these steps, your enlistment prepare will be completed effortlessly and you can move to the following step.

Step 3: Login & Get to SASSA Services

After enlisting, a login alternative will show up on the application screen. Login to the application. Once you login, a parcel of choices will be shown on the screen counting SASSA administrations. See for “SASSA Grants” in the SASSA administrations area and press on it.

Step 4: Select the SASSA SRD Allow to Apply

Now, you will see different choices to apply for diverse SASSA gifts such as child back, ancient age, inability and SRD allow. You can select your wanted allow you need to apply for but since we are here to apply for SRD allow, select the “Social Help of Trouble R350” from the options.

Step 5: Fill the GovChat SASSA Application Form

Now, you will be diverted to another page that incorporates the frame. You require to give your individual points of interest and all the reports in this shape. If you don’t mind fill the frame accurately and enter as it were adjust points of onterest and too yield all the required documents.

Please keep in mind that any inaccurate subtle elements can lead to the application dismissal as SASSA as of now has all the information and checks it with diverse government educate to affirm its legitimacy. If you give inaccurate data intentioned, it can have serious results and can too cause extortion affirmations on you making you ineligible for government awards for life.

So, if it’s not too much trouble survey your subtle elements carefully after completing the frame and make beyond any doubt that all the given points of interest are correct.

Step 6: Sign the Application & Submit:

After filling the application shape, a advanced signature choice will be given to you. If it’s not too much trouble sign your application with a computerized signature and at that point yield it.

So, presently you have effectively connected for your SASSA SRD application utilizing the GovChat App. In spite of the fact that the handle is a bit long, but it spares you time from going by the SASSA office in individual. And you can total it fair inside a few minutes from the consolation of your home.

What’s Following After Submitting Application Through GovChat?

After submitting your SASSA application by means of GovtChat, you will require to hold up for SASSA’s choice. SASSA will take up to 60 to 90 days to audit your application. Once SASSA audit your application, they will make the last choice and you will be informed by means of content message.

If it is affirmed, you will begin getting installments from the date you connected for the allow. If they dismiss your application, a composed notice will be sent to you clarifying the reason why they declined your give application, and how you can request it if you think you are qualified for the grant.

Why Utilize the GovChat App for SASSA Application?

By utilizing the GovChat app for your SASSA application, you can spare a part of time. You will not require to visit the SASSA office in individual, and can apply from the consolation of your domestic. If you visit the SASSA office in individual, you will have to hold up in long lines all day long. Too, if you disregard any required records at domestic, it implies squandering your whole day and requiring to make another trip to the office and confront the same circumstance like long holding up time

So, if you need to spare yourself from a long tiring day and get your application handle fair inside a few minutes from the consolation of your claim domestic, at that point you ought to utilize GovChat.


So, applying for SASSA gifts through GovChat is a helpful arrangement to bypass long lines and office visits. By basically downloading the app and taking after the step-by-step handle sketched out in this article, you can total your application helpfully from your versatile phone. If you don’t mind guarantee that you give the precise data and essential reports for the fruitful application.

With GovChat, not as it were do you spare important time, but you too diminish the hazard of overlooking critical records or confronting superfluous delays. So, if you are looking for an simple and proficient way to apply for your SASSA allow, GovChat is the answer.


Is the GovChat application free to download?

Yes, downloading the GovChat application is totally free of charge. You can download it from their official site or through app stores on your portable gadget.