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How do I Apply for SASSA Old Age Pension OnlineHow do I Apply for SASSA Old Age Pension Online

How do I Apply for SASSA Old Age Pension Online

SASSA Ancient Age Allow Qualification: 


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SASSA Ancient Age Give Eligibility

Not everybody is blessed enough to have support from their children or retirement plans, but for the foremost part, growing ancient is something we cannot maintain a strategic distance from. Applications for the SASSA More seasoned Person’s Allow are acknowledged in case you’re 60 years of age or more seasoned, have resigned, and are having money related difficulties

To illustrate your SASSA Ancient Age Give Qualification, you may ought to take an implied test. In the event that you get a standard wage from investments, rentals, or a private benefit that surpasses a particular level, you’re not eligible to claim the grant. In expansion, you won’t be qualified for state benefits in case your resources surpass a specific threshold.

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What is SASSA Ancient Age Grant?

Individuals over 60 who qualify for the more seasoned age grant are given a social security grant at no cost by the government. To back you through your senior year, you’ll apply for a job. You’ll get up to R 2,090 each month at most. You’ll get R2 110 in the event that you’re more seasoned than 75.

 Remote nationals who have set up changeless homes in South Africa, as well as displaced people, are qualified for this allowance. Individuals who don’t as of now get any social subsidies or care from a state institution are the ones qualified for it.

 The allowance will be paid to you by the South African Social Security Office (SASSA) in cash, by electronic store, or through institutions. Should your give got to be assessed, SASSA has the ultimate say. This choice will be based on the income you detailed once you connected for the grant.



Country South Africa
Provided By South African Social Security Agency
Eligible Age 60 years above
SASSA Old Age Grant Amount R 2,090
Application Duration 3 months
Find More details SASSA.gov.za

Who is Qualified for Ancient Age Grant?


  • Strict qualification prerequisites are in place for SASSA’s old age benefits in order to ensure that those who really require help can get it. In arrange to get the grant’s benefits, you’ve got to
  • be a citizen, long-term inhabitant, or outcast of South Africa
  • You must be over 60 and a resident of South Africa in order to be qualified for the Ancient Age Grant.
  • The candidate cannot be receiving care from a state institution, such as a jail, an elderly domestic, or a restoration facility.
  • not get treatment in a open facility
  • not make more than R172 560 in case you’re hitched or R86 280 on the off chance that you’re single.
  • not claim resources over R2 455 200 in the event that you’re hitched or R2 227 600 in the event that you’re single.
  • The SASSA encompasses a test that it employs to confirm your pay and resource qualification for social gifts. As a result, you would like to figure out how much money you make and what resources you have, at that point see in case it falls underneath an SASSA-set cap.
How do I Apply for SASSA Old Age Pension Online
How do I Apply for SASSA Old Age Pension Online

How to induce it?


  • You can apply for the SASSA old age allowance in two different ways. To wrap up the offline application process, you’ll either visit the SASSA office or apply online through the official SASSA website.
  • Apply Online through SASSA Website
  • To start with, utilise your device’s look motor to discover the official SASSA website.
  • The list of accessible gifts can then be accessed by clicking “grants.”
  • Following, select “old age grant,” enlist, and make an account before submitting an application.
  • At that point, carefully fill out the shape by opening it, uploading all of the supporting documentation, and making one last altar to create beyond any doubt everything is proper.
  • Finally, to wrap up the application method, select the “submit” tab.
  • Visit the SASSA Office to apply
  • You must come to the SASSA office to apply on the off chance that you’re incapable of doing so online. You will be met by SASSA agents within the office, who will moreover tutor and help you through the application process. Even after filling out the shape, they can help you.
  • Upon submitting your application, you may too get a stamped receipt, which you ought to spare for future reference as documentation of your accommodation. Besides, there are no expenses related with applying for an ancient age annuity through SASSA.
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