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How Do I Change My NumberHow Do I Change My Number

How Do I Change My Number

In the previous few days, I noticed many humans commenting on our SGSC internet site and asking the equal question: “I have forgotten the telephone range that I used to observe for my SRD grant, what need to I do now?”.How Do I Change My Number While I was once answering every one individually, wondering there are a lot of different humans going through the equal problem, I organized a whole step-by-step information to assist you out of this irritating situation.

SASSA cellphone variety 

In this article, I will provide an explanation for the procedure you want to observe to get your forgotten SASSA cellphone variety and what archives and questions SASSA may ask you throughout the replace process. I will additionally information you on how to exchange your telephone range if you don’t have get admission to to the old, forgotten smartphone number.

SASSA Phone Number

Before beginning the telephone quantity recuperation process, you will want the following vital documents:After you have each of them, you can begin your forgotten cellphone variety retrieval process.

Where to Get the Reference Number?

If you utilized for an SASSA furnish in man or woman in the office, then your reference wide variety must be printed on the affirmation receipt given to you at some stage in the software process. If you utilized online, then your utility ID is despatched to you through your telephone wide variety and email. So, please get your utility from there.

SASSA Grant.

Please don’t be careworn with Application ID or Reference Number. They each refer to the equal quantity that you obtained when you utilized for your SASSA grant. That is a special quantity that is used to tune your application.In case, you are unable to locate your utility reference number, then you can observe my information to get your misplaced reference number.

Follow to Get Your Old Forgotten SASSA Phone Number

After you have your identification file and Application ID, you can begin the procedure to get better your forgotten smartphone number. I endorse you observe the in-person workplace go to method, as SASSA may also additionally ask for biometric verification earlier than supplying you with the smartphone variety details.

SASSA Helpline First

But if you prefer, you can strive by means of calling the SASSA helpline first. Then, if they ask for biometric verification, you can go to the workplace to whole the process.Recover Your Forgotten Phone Number By Visiting the SASSA OfficePlease comply with the beneath steps to retrieve your historic forgotten cellphone variety via the SASSA office:

Find Your Nearest SASSA Office

First of all, you want to discover your nearest SASSA office. Search on Google “SASSA Office Near Me”, and you will get your nearest office. After discovering your nearest office, name them to verify their opening hours. Most SASSA places of work function between eight AM and four PM from Monday to Friday, however the timing can range for exceptional areas.

SASSA Software Reference Number.

After discovering your nearest office, accumulate your documents, along with your Identity file and SASSA software reference number.Now, go to the workplace for the duration of the opening hours. There ought to be lengthy queues backyard the SASSA office, so you may also want to stand in the queue and wait for your turn.

How Do I Change My Number
How Do I Change My Number

SASSA legit for Your Phone Number

After your flip comes, ask the SASSA consultant that you are right here to get your forgotten smartphone number. Explain to them that you have forgotten the telephone wide variety you used to observe for the SASSA grant.

Sassa Additionally

The consultant will ask you for your ID card report and your utility reference variety for verification. They may also additionally ask you for biometric verification to verify that you are the actual proprietor of the grant.

Get Your Old Phone Number Details

After the verification method is completed, they will furnish you with the telephone quantity you used for your SASSA application. If you don’t have get right of entry to to that number, you can additionally furnish them with your new smartphone quantity and request to exchange it for your SASSA grant.That’s it. You have effectively obtained your cellphone quantity small print and can additionally exchange it to your new smartphone number.

Check Your Forgotten Phone Number Details Via Calling SASSA Helpline

The different technique you can observe to test your telephone quantity small print is by way of calling the SASSA helpline. Keep your ID Card Number and Application ID with you and comply with the beneath steps:Your name will be replied to with a computerized voice message explaining a variety of options. You want to press 1 to discuss with the SASSA representative. (The preferences can also be traded in the future, so choose the alternative that permits you to speak with a human agent.)

SASSA Application.

Once the verification is completed, they will let you understand the telephone telephone quantity you used for your SASSA application.If you don’t get admission to that ancient smartphone number, you can additionally ask them to enable you to replace your telephone quantity to the new one.That’s all you want to do to get your ancient SASSA smartphone range details. Please hold in idea that SASSA representatives can additionally ask you for biometric verification. For this purpose, they will ask you to go to the workplace in person.

What If I am unable to get the Reference Number?

As I discussed, the wide variety is vital to get your forgotten cell phone number. But nevertheless if you are unable to get it, then you might also attempt the above techniques besides the reference number. Provide your ID record variety to the SASSA representatives and inform them that you additionally don’t have the reference number. They will do their required verification to make positive you are the actual proprietor of the supply and then furnish you with the small print of your reference range and telephone number.

What If My Old Phone Number Is Not Available After Recovery?

If you have effectively recovered your forgotten smartphone quantity however you do now not have that historical variety available, then you can exchange your historical telephone wide variety to the new number. You can ask the consultant to alternate it all through the recuperation process. But if you forgot that time, then please observe my information on altering your SASSA smartphone number.Please be aware that you are allowed to alternate your smartphone variety solely as soon as in 24 hours, so use this choice accurately and make certain you are offering your right smartphone number.


So, recuperating your forgotten SASSA telephone variety is effortless if you have your ID card record and utility reference number. You solely want to go to the SASSA workplace or name the SASSA helpline to retrieve it. The solely element that things is your verification; you have to be capable to grant adequate proof that you are the actual grant’s owner.If you are unable to get admission to your ancient telephone number, you can additionally replace it effortlessly in the course of the restoration process. SASSA goals to help its beneficiaries in each and every situation; hence, it constantly affords handy methods to clear up your problems.


What archives do I want to get better my forgotten SASSA telephone number?

You will want your ID card wide variety and your SASSA software reference variety for the recuperation process.

How can I discover my SASSA utility reference number?

Your software reference quantity is furnished to you all through the utility process. It’s reachable on your affirmation receipt if you utilized it individually or despatched to you by cell phone and email if you utilized it online.

Can I get better my forgotten cellphone quantity barring the reference number?

Yes, you can. You can also supply your ID report variety to the SASSA representatives if you do not have the reference number, and they will help you with the verification process.

What if my ancient telephone wide variety is no longer handy after recovery?

If you effectively get better your forgotten telephone wide variety however do no longer have to get admission to it, you can request to update your telephone wide variety for the duration of the healing process. However, keep in mind that you can solely trade your telephone wide variety as soon as each and every 24 hours.

How frequently can I alternate my SASSA telephone number?

You can alternate your SASSA smartphone variety solely as soon as each and every 24 hours