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How do I Get a SASSA Loan from EasypayHow do I Get a SASSA Loan from Easypay

How do I Get a SASSA Loan from Easypay

When you seek for cash loaning platforms in South Africa, a ton of choices pop up within the Google result. However, not all of them are as dependable and productive as EasyPay.


But numerous individuals don’t know how to utilise it which confines them from taking advantage of this platform. If you’re one of those who keep pondering how to get an advance from EasyPay, at that point you’re within the idealised place.

What Is EasyPay?

EasyPay could be a loaning stage accessible to the individuals of South Africa. This application permits citizens of the nation to require little sums of credits beginning from R100 to R2000. They can take loans without getting stuck beneath overwhelming intrigued rates or complicated application procedures.

Qualification Criteria for EasyPay

Comparable to other fund applications accessible in South Africa, EasyPay has its claim qualification criteria that individuals ought to meet. On the off chance that an individual falls flat to meet indeed a single necessity, they don’t qualify for the loan.

To begin with, the necessity of this application is that the individual must be more seasoned than 18 a long time. The moment essential is that the candidate must be a citizen of South Africa. The third prerequisite to qualify for the advance is that the individual must have an EasyPay All over account for longer than 3 months.

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As this application is utilised on versatile phones, individuals ought to make an account online. In any case, a recently made account will not be able to require a credit, no matter how little. They ought to cross the 3-month benchmark to qualify for a loan.

The final necessity is that the candidate must make an account under their possess title, and do biometric confirmation from the closest bank. No other family individuals can open an account beneath someone’s name. Each of these necessities must be met for a citizen of South Africa to require a loan from EasyPay.

How do I Get a SASSA Loan from Easypay
How do I Get a SASSA Loan from Easypay

Documentations Required?

The thing required for taking an advance is confirmation of character. This may be in the frame of the character card of the individual that’s allotted to him by the government of South Africa. The moment they require may be a bank statement.

The last record required for taking an advance through EasyPay may be a of the later payslip. This gives verification to the loan specialists that the person is competent in reimbursing the sum of the advance with interest.

How To Induce a Loan from EasyPay?

Through Versatile Phones

Getting an advance through EasyPay may be a straightforward errand, there’s no need to have any banks or stand in lines. All you’re progressing to require is your versatile phone. From your portable, you would like dial 1203737#.

Once the USSD code runs through, it’ll inquire for your ID number. You would like to include the number shown on your character card here and after that send. More information will show up on your screen, and you wish to take after them and after that 1 to get to your credit check.

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After this, you wish to enter your ATM stick and include your costs. At that point you will see an incentive show up on the screen that will inquire for the sum and type of advance you require. Select the sum you wish and your application will go beneath scrutiny.

Once the application gets approved, the amount will be exchanged to your bank account. In case the application gets rejected, you will not receive the loan.

In the event that that happens, you will ought to apply once more and make beyond any doubt that you include all your precise information. You’ll be able to call them at 0801-111880 from your phone for any data or help.

Through Visiting a Bank?

In case you’re incapable of making a credit through your mobile phone, at that point you may have to go to any department of EasyPay. They will inquire for your documentation such as your identity card, and payslip, and do biometric verification within the bank.

After the application is submitted, it will be checked on. In the event that is acknowledged, the candidate will receive their amount of credit. The method in banks is not as complicated as in other credit loaning companies.

Benefits of Taking a Advance from EasyPay

Simple Get to To Funds

The major advantage of utilising EasyPay is that it permits clients to have simple get to to reserves. In this manner, when there’s a quick requirement for cash, the candidate does not require to go through monotonous strategies. They can get the cash through a few taps on their phone screens.

Adaptable Reimbursement Terms

The reimbursement terms of EasyPay are also not as harsh as numerous other financing and cash loaning companies in South Africa. The people don’t return the cash at a heavy rate.

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Besides, the longest repayment duration of EasyPay is up to 6 months. Subsequently, individuals who take loans get some alleviation and are not burdened with prompt repayment threats.

Simple Application Process

The major advantage of EasyPay for any citizen of South Africa has to be the truth that it has a very basic application process. Other cash loaning programs ask for a long list of documents. In the interim, for EasyPay, you merely require your payslip and confirmation of identity.

In addition to that, the platform does not make people hold up for weeks. They can get their money in only a few minutes in case the application gets accepted.


There is no doubt that there are many money-lending administrations in South Africa. However, when it comes to ease, no one can beat EasyPay.

But the issue is numerous individuals are not mindful of its preparation. So, on the off chance that you’re stuck on how do I get a credit from EasyPay, at that point the article is a blessing for you.