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How Much Is SASSA Child GrantHow Much Is SASSA Child Grant

How Much Is SASSA Child Grant 2024 | Is SASSA Giving 700 Grant

For numerous South African families, the SASSA Child Give gives a crucial security net, guaranteeing essential needs are met for their youthful ones. With 2024 unfurling, understanding the given sum, qualification criteria, and key forms gets to be significant for getting to this back. This comprehensive direct dissects everything you would like to know around the SASSA Child Allow in 2024, enabling you to create educated decisions.

Demystifying the Allow Sum: How Much Will You Receive

As of February 2024, the standard month to month sum for the SASSA Child Allow is R510 per child. This reflects a R10 increment compared to the past year. Be that as it may, it’s critical to note that a few variables can impact the ultimate amount you receive:

Extra Top-Up Give:

Children beneath the age of 7 qualify for an extra R230 per month, bringing the overall sum to R740. This top-up is aiming to address the increased needs of more youthful children.

Cultivate Child Give:

This gives the next sum of R1130 per month for children in cultivated care.

Inability Allow:

In case your child incorporates an inability, they may be qualified for the Incapacity Allow, which offers shifting sums depending on the seriousness of the disability.


These are fair the base sums. SASSA may conduct wage implies tests or consider other variables that might influence your last given amount.

How Much Is SASSA Child Grant
How Much Is SASSA Child Grant

Child Qualification for sassa application

Not each child consequently qualifies for the SASSA Child Give. Here are the key qualification criteria you would like meet:

South African Citizenship: Your child must be a South African citizen or changeless resident.

Age: Your child must be beneath the age of 18.

Pay Implies Test: Your family wage must drop underneath a particular edge set by SASSA. This edge shifts depending on the number of children you’ve got and their ages.

Caregiver Duties: You must be the essential caregiver of your child, dwelling with them and accepting responsibility for their well-being.

Extra criteria like accepting other social awards or having natural guardians who can monetarily bolster the child may also affect your qualification. It’s crucial to carefully audit the total qualification criteria on the SASSA site: 

Application Method:

In case you meet the qualification criteria, applications for the SASSA Child Give are as of now closed. The reviving date for new applications will be declared by SASSA on their official stages. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you’re already receiving the give, recharging is significant to ensure proceeded bolster. Here’s how:

  • Online Recharging: Visit the SASSA site () and complete the online re establishment form.
  • SASSA Workplaces: Visit your closest SASSA office with the specified documentation.
  • SASSA App: Download the SASSA app and use the recharging functionality.
  • Keep in mind, opportune reestablishment avoids disturbances in your child’s give payments.
  • Past Numbers: Investigating the Grant’s Reason and Impact

The SASSA Child Allow plays a pivotal part in easing destitution and advancing child well-being in South Africa. By giving budgetary back for fundamental needs like nourishment, instruction, and healthcare, the give engages families and cultivates way better life chances for children. Be that as it may, it’s vital to recognize that:

The given sum may not continuously cover all expenses. Budgeting and responsible financial management are key to maximising the grant’s impact.

The grant is intended as a temporary measure. Actively seeking employment opportunities and exploring avenues for self-sufficiency are crucial for long-term financial stability.

SASSA Contact Resources:

Navigating the complexities of the SASSA Child Grant can be challenging. Fortunately, several valuable resources are available to guide you:

  •  SASSA Website: SASSA
  •  SASSA Twitter: https://twitter.com/OfficialSASSA
  •  SASSA Facebook: SASSA
  •  SASSA Toll-Free Number: 0800 601 01

Is SASSA Giving 700 Grant:

Although SASSA has announced various types of financial aid to the people, there’s such as R700 offered by SASSA.


What is the SASSA Give 2024?

The SASSA Awards 2024 is the budgetary help which is given to the individuals living underneath the poverty line to assist them with children’s money related requirements.

How much will the SASSA Awards Increment 2024?

The SASSA Gifts Increment 2024 will be R10 which is made accessible exceptionally soon.

What will be the unused SASSA Allow 2024 Payment?

The unused SASSA Allow 2024 Instalment is R510.

What are the SASSA Increment 2024 Dates?

The SASSA Increment 2024 Dates can be checked through the table given above.

What is the mode of SASSA Gifts 2024 Collection?

The sassa.gov.za Awards Increment 2024 can be collected through ATM’s, Retail Stores, Post Workplaces Branches or Versatile Pay cash app.

Through which site can one get the points of interest on the SASSA Increment 2024?

The points of interest on SASSA Increment 2024 can be collected through sassa.gov.za.