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How to Apply for New SASSA Card Online

To apply for a SASSA card, you can visit the post office close your put, or yield an online application on SASSA official site. In the handle, you’ll require to yield an character card and related archives to confirm yourself.

Though applying for a SASSA card is simple, there are numerous related questions as well like what if my SASSA card gets misplaced, lapsed (at that point you require to reestablish it), etc?

The taking after direct is if you are applying for the to begin with time, if you misplaced the card or need to recharge at that point this article isn’t for you.

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Therefore, I have shared my data on how to apply for modern SASSA card below.

How Do I Qualify For SASSA Card?

To get the unused SASSA card, you require to qualify for it first.

This approach by SASSA was created after 2012 when numerous false applications come on the board. More than 22 million allow recipients re-registered on the modern framework of SASSA in 2012.

In basic words, you require to biometrically demonstrate your character and qualify yourself to get the unused SASSA card. The recognizable proof is done based on fingerprints, individual information, voice, and more which guarantees that the card is collected by the applier.

It would be right to say that capability for a modern SASSA card is the fundamental measure set by the SASSA organization for each individual.

In common, to apply for a unused SASSA card,

Sassa Status Check

You require to hold South African nationality

be a changeless outcast or inhabitant of South Africa

now the proprietor of the property, gold, or anything worth R 1,227,600 if you’re unmarried.

In differentiate, if you are hitched, you ought to not possess more than R 2,455,400 to qualify for SASSA.

Also, the allow that you get from the government too has a restrain of R 86,280 for single people and R 172,560 for hitched individuals.

Strategies to Apply SASSA Card Online

In a word, you require to visit the post office to apply for a unused SASSA card or yield the online application on the SASSA site along with reference documents.

Let’s talk about both of these ways to apply for a modern SASSA card in detail:

How To Apply it Online?

To apply for a modern SASSA card online,

You require to visit the official site of SASSA and tap on the account enlist column from the administrations section.

Now fill up the shape to ask a unused SASSA card and enter all the required data, for case, given title, final title, recognizable proof number, and other related individual data.

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Please make beyond any doubt to enter data mindfully to dodge any mistakes.

After filling up the shape, type in your dynamic phone number, e-mail address, and other contact details.

Please make beyond any doubt that you put your claim contact data that is dynamic at the minute since SASSA will reach you through the number or mail address you fill in the form.

In the conclusion, set a watchword to sign in to your SASSA account each time.

Submit the application and that’s it!

You have connected for a SASSA card by means of online application. If you don’t mind note that the prepare takes time, so you don’t require to surge around, sit down in peace and hold up for the endorsement and issuance of the unused SASSA card.

How To by means of Post Office?

You can moreover apply for a unused SASSA card at a post office close your place.

To me, the online strategy is more attainable since I don’t require to travel, stand in a line, hold up for my turn in the post office, and more. That’s why I continuously apply for a unused SASSA card online.

But when there was no online framework, I utilized to visit the post office as well for the SASSA card application, so let’s examine this way.

March SASSA Grant Update

To apply for a modern SASSA card physically, you require to visit the post office. (You can visit the office from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Monday to Friday at your comfort. The opening hours of post workplaces are restricted to 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM on Saturdays, whereas on Sundays the post workplaces stay closed.)

Once you visit the post office, you require to deliver an ID frame and you’ll get the card in no more than minutes. Isn’t it incredible?

Once you get the unused SASSA card, you require to select a Stick code from the post office to actuate the SASSA card.

After enacting the unused card, you’re able to make buys, exchange installments, pull back awards, and more easily.

How Do I Pull back Cash From SASSA Card?

That’s one of the most as often as possible

inquired questions, which is why I included it to this web journal. The SASSA card is no less than a bank’s charge card which worked on ATMs in South Africa.

You can pull back cash utilizing a SASSA card through any ATM or card machine at eateries, shops, marts, lodgings, and more. In straightforward words, the SASSA card is appropriate essentially to the charge card.

Where Can I Utilize SASSA Card?

As I said prior, the SASSA card is comparable to the charge card. Essentially, it can be connected to the bank card and permits cardholders to make distinctive exchanges. For case, you can purchase anything from stores utilizing a SASSA card. After buying basic supply things, dress, or anything, fair swipe the SASSA card as you do with your charge card to make payment.

The best portion is that there is no commission or charges connected are when you swipe the SASSA card for exchanges. In this arrangement, no matter how much sum is there in your SASSA account, it will be granted to you only.


Do post workplaces issue SASSA cards?

Yes! You can apply for a unused SASSA card at a post office close your put. For this, visit the post office, create an ID frame and you’ll get the card. After accepting the modern SASSA card, select a Stick code and enact the SASSA card.

What ought to I do if I misplaced my SASSA card?

If you have misplaced your SASSA card, you ought to visit the post office close your put and apply for a modern card from there. There is no require to stress around if you have lost the card; fair visit the office, confirm yourself, and get a modern card.

Last words

To whole up, everything that has been expressed so distant notices that there are two ways to apply for a modern SASSA card: online application and post office. If you’re not in rush and can’t visit the post office, the online strategy is more doable. Be that as it may, if you can visit the post office at your comfort, it’s completely your choice.