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SRD R350 Application MethodsSRD R350 Application Methods

How to Apply for the R350 Give 

In South Africa, the R350 give stands as a vital social help activity, giving transitory money related help to people effectively looking for work. Exploring the application handle for this give is fundamental for those confronting monetary challenges. This article will walk you through the steps to apply for the R350 give in 2024-2025.

SRD R350 Application Methods

 Apply by means of the SRD Website

 To start, visit the SRD site utilizing your web browser. Enter your versatile number and ID number, at that point tap “send SMS.” You’ll get a 6-digit OTP by means of SMS, which you’ll embed on the SRD site to confirm your pin.

Apply through the SASSA

Visit the SASSA site and press on the SRD R350 Allow help chatbox (an orange box on the side of the screen). Fill in your ID number and portable number. On the chat, select the alternative to apply for the SRD R350 allow. Take after the given SRD site connect and total the essential steps

WhatsApp Application

Another strategy includes sending a message through WhatsApp to 082 046 8553. Give your individual subtle elements, get a reference number, OTP, and a connect. Tap on the interface, fill in your OTP to confirm your account, and affirm your points of interest given through the WhatsApp chat. 

Apply In-Person

For those favoring a hands-on approach, visit a SASSA office near you. The application shape is accessible at the office, and you’ll total it within the nearness of a SASSA officer. Guarantee you yield certified duplicates of required records and hold the dated stamped receipt as confirmation of application.

How to Apply for the R350
How to Apply for the R350

Installment Plan for R350 Awards 2024-2025

SASSA regularly disburses grant installments within the to begin with week of each month. The installment arrangement begins with the More seasoned People grant, taken after by the Incapacity Allow, and at last, other grant categories like Child Bolster Give, Cultivate Child Allow, Care Reliance Allow, and War Veterans Grant. 

 It’s important to note that the SRD grant’s installment date isn’t settled and changes from month to month. Contact SASSA for particular details.

Reaching SASSA

For any inquiries, reach out to SASSA straightforwardly through the toll-free call center at 0800 60 10 11 or the head office at 012 400 2322. You’ll moreover e-mail the SASSA head office at Discover contact points of interest for SASSA workplaces over the nation here. 


The R350 allow serves as a help for unemployed South Africans, giving vital budgetary back amid challenging times. Qualified candidates can improve their chances of accepting the grant by taking after the step-by-step direction sketched out above.


Is the R350 given as it were for unemployed individuals?

Yes, the R350 particularly targets those without business effectively looking for work opportunities.

 What archives are required for in-person application?

Certified duplicates of essential reports are required, but specifics may change. Check with the local SASSA office for precise requirements.

How long does it take to handle the R350 application?

Handling times can shift, but keeping the dated stamped receipt is pivotal for following your application’s progress.

Can I apply for the R350 allowance online in the event that I do not have a computer at home

Yes, different application strategies, counting WhatsApp and the SRD website, cater to different preferences and resources.

What if I miss the payment date for the R350 grant?

Contact SASSA immediately to inquire about the next steps and ensure you receive your grant without further delay.