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How to Buy Airtime with SASSA CardHow to Buy Airtime with SASSA Card

How to Buy Airtime with SASSA Card

In ranges with restricted ATM get to and looming SASSA installments, the failure to get to your stores can be risky. Be that as it may, a down to earth arrangement is at hand: acquiring broadcast appointment together with your card.

But the issue is you don’t know how to purchase broadcast appointment with SASSA card. You got secured with all the compelling 1-minute guide.

Whether you’re searching for comfort, openness, or improved security, utilizing your SASSA card for broadcast appointment buys offers a extend of points of interest that make it a wise and hassle-free option.SASSA Sc19 Appeal

Why Buying Broadcast appointment with SASSA Card?

Utilising your SASSA card for broadcast appointment offers a few preferences. Here are a couple of to pick your SASSA card:


Effectively best up your portable utilizing your SASSA card, killing the require for cash or online payments.


SASSA cards are acknowledged by major portable networks, allowing broadcast appointment buys for any network.


Utilise your SASSA card for broadcast appointment, maintaining a strategic distance from the hazard of carrying cash or uncovering your bank details.

Presently, let’s plunge into the step-by-step handle of buying broadcast appointment along with your card.

How to Purchase Broadcast appointment with SASSA Card? 

To purchase broadcast appointment along with your card, take after these straightforward steps:

SASSA Application Update

Step 1: Open Web Managing an account for Postbank

To start, visit your closest Postbank department and ask an Online Managing an account Application frame. Fill out the frame with the vital data and yield it to the branch.

Postbank will send you a affirmation SMS demonstrating you’ll be able enroll on Web Banking.

Step 2: Enlist on Web Banking

Once you get the affirmation SMS, visit the Postbank Web Managing an account site and select the “First-time login” choice. Log in utilizing your 11-digit account number, set a watchword and Stick, and reply security questions.

Total the enrollment prepare and log in to Postbank Web Managing an account utilizing your unused credentials.

Step 3: Buy Airtime

Once logged in, explore to the broadcast appointment buy segment on the Web Keeping money platform. Select your favored portable organize (MTN, Vodacom, Cell C, or Telkom Mobile).

How Sassa Registration Works For The R350 Grant

Enter the portable number for the broadcast appointment buy, select your craved bundle, affirm the exchange points of interest, and continue with installment utilizing your SASSA card.

Tips for Buying Airtime

Whereas obtaining airtime together with your card is clear, we’ve accumulated a few basic tips to upgrade your encounter and address potential concerns:

  1. Keep Your SASSA Card and Web Keeping money Qualifications Secure:

Defend your SASSA card and Web Managing an account login subtle elements perseveringly. Securing these vital pieces of data is key to avoiding unauthorized access.

Remember that your card and accreditations are the keys to secure and hassle-free airtime purchases.

  1. Double-Check Portable Number and Broadcast appointment Bundle Details:

Some time recently finalizing the exchange, take a minute to survey the mobile number you proposed to energize and the chosen broadcast appointment bundle.

Guaranteeing exactness in these points of interest can assist you dodge superfluous errors, ensuring that your top-up is accurately what you intended.

  1. Be Mindful of Exchange Expenses and Extra Charges:

Knowing any potential exchange expenses or additional charges related together with your buy is vital. Diverse suppliers may have shifting expense structures.

Checking these expenses in progress permits you to create educated choices and maintain a strategic distance from unforeseen costs.

  1. Contact Postbank Client Back for Assistance:

On the off chance that you experience any challenges or have questions amid the method, don’t delay to contact Postbank client bolster. They are there to help you with any concerns, guaranteeing a smooth and trouble-free broadcast appointment buy experience.

Real-Life Scenarios: How SASSA Card Clients Benefit

To outline the benefits of utilizing SASSA card for broadcast appointment buys, let’s consider real-life scenarios where it can essentially affect individuals:

Emergency Situations: 

Envision you’re in an crisis and direly got to call or send a message. Purchasing broadcast appointment along with your card guarantees you’re continuously associated, indeed with no cash.

Inaccessible Regions: 

For those living in farther zones or places with restricted get to to keeping money offices, utilizing a SASSA card for broadcast appointment dispenses with the got to travel long distances to beat up. It’s a help for communication in ranges where comfort is essential.

Budget Control:

SASSA cardholders can more effectively oversee their mobile expenses. By as it were spending what’s fundamental for broadcast appointment, they can guarantee their budget remains intaglio, particularly when overseeing constrained funds.

Supporting Others:

In the event that you’re assisting a family part or companion who depends on SASSA benefits, this strategy of broadcast appointment buy can be a crucial way to back their communication needs. 


In outline, getting broadcast appointment along with your card could be a and secure way to revive your portable. Take after this point by point direct on how to purchase broadcast appointment with SASSA card.

Don’t disregard to keep your SASSA card and Web Managing an account points of interest secure to form your encounter hassle-free. Appreciate the comfort of topping up your broadcast appointment with your SASSA card!


Using my SASSA card, can I buy airtime for any mobile network?

You can purchase airtime for MTN, Vodacom, Cell C, and Telkom Mobile using your SASSA card through Postbank Internet Banking.

Are there any transaction fees associated with buying airtime employing a card?

Transaction fees may apply, depending on the terms and conditions set by Postbank. Checking for any applicable fees before proceeding with the purchase is advisable.

What can I do if I forget my Postbank Internet Banking password or PIN?

You can change your PIN by entering your User ID and national identity number captured during account opening.

Can I use someone else’s SASSA card to buy airtime?

You can only use your SASSA card to purchase airtime through Postbank Internet Banking.