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How to Change SASSA Lost Number In FebruaryHow to Change SASSA Lost Number In February

How to Change SASSA Lost Number In February

Losing something important can make you’re feeling stressed, baffled, and pitiful. You start to discover ways to urge your significant figure back. You have got the number that you just to SASSA. Presently what?

Well! SASSA has been doing a awesome work not as it were making a difference unemployed individuals through SRD but presently with their client care administrations all through the venture to form beyond any doubt that each single unemployed individual gets the give rapidly. They indeed have a solution for this situation.

Let’s jump into this and find how a individual can alter his SASSA misplaced number and get your give back on track.

Why do you need to alter the number?

There must be a number of to change the given data to SASSA. Like:

  • Off-base number
  • Misplaced SIM card
  • Invalid or inaccessible number
  • Off-base Number

Individuals some of the time include off-base data in a rush or may be anxious. Inadvertently, you sort the off-base number, which can lead you to reexamine your data. You must be mindful whereas applying for such vital stuff.

Which Date Is Sassa Payment

Misplaced SIM card

In some cases, you lose your SIM card, or your versatile can be grabbed, which can be a reason to alter your number from each other stage you’ve given your ancient phone number.

SASSA has recommended to those who have misplaced their number they can purchase the same number so that they can get each overhaul on the same number.

Invalid or inaccessible number

In some cases, your phone number gets to be inaccessible for a few time or may be invalid due to any reason; you ought to recharge your accommodation from such platforms.

What to do in SASSA misplaced number?

You can alter the number of your SASSA allow. take after these simple steps:

  • Visit overhaul your SASSA SRD give contact subtle elements page.
  • Enter your ID.
  • Press the ”submit” button.
  • Enter your E-mail and your unused number.
  • Press the “submit” button.
  • Select the reason for changing your number
  • Enter the code you get through SMS.
  • Press the “submit” button.
  • You’ve presently upgraded your details.
  • Other ways to go for
  • Toll-free number
  • Candidates can call SASSA’s call center toll-free number for any queries.
  • 0800-6010-11
  • SASSA website

Candidates can too visit the SASSA site with respect to any queries.

E-mail them at grantenquiries@sassa.gov.za

Subtle elements in case you misplaced your number. Take after these basic however total steps and dodge another month’s installment inconvenience.

When Pay Sassa

SASSA R350 Batches [An Proficient System]


Are you struggling monetarily? Well! You’re not alone. Numerous South Africans are incapable to create closes meet. But the SASSA R350 Grant is there to offer you a making a difference hand and to form you are feeling small loose almost overseeing your day by day needs whereas being unemployed.

South Africa’s SRD program has been a effective arrange for millions of individuals in South Africa who were unemployed due to COVID-19. In any case, due to the huge number of recipients, SASSA R350 clumps were introduced.

We will examine how the clusters work and how you’ll get support.

SASSA R350 Allow: A Small Intro

SASSA R350 Allow is an SRD (Social Help of Trouble) program by the South African government. They made it up for those unemployed individuals seriously influenced by COVID-19’s impacts. Through this allow, the recipient gets R350 month to month to manage his costs. It is as it were valid till Walk 2024.

The reason behind the SASSA R350 Batches

SASSA has begun the clump framework for a few reasons, which are


  • A huge number of beneficiaries
  • For a faster application process
  • Dealing with individuals effectively to urge their money
  • To avoid fraudTo guarantee the money is getting to the meriting one
  • For superior communication with beneficiaries

SASSA how to change phone number 

How does the Bunch Framework work?

SASSA has begun a clump framework to form it simple for both the recipient and the supplier. It’ll be simple for the recipient to get to the grant.

Apply for Application

To begin with of all, the recipient will apply for the allow, and once his allow is acknowledged, he will be included to a group concurring to his location.

Bunch Location

After getting the SMS of a fruitful application, they will select your bunch concurring to your accommodation date and locale. They will give you with a date of receiving the grant money.

Installment Date

SASSA will give each recipient with a installment date for their group so they can get their allow opportune, and there will be no mess.

Later Bunch Dates


 “For November 2023, the SRD give installments will be handled from 22 – 29 September 2023.” 


  • To check the later status of your application, check out here.
  • Or you’ll be able the SASSA Call Middle number for any query
  • 0800 60 10 11

How much Sassa grant 


Here, we have talked about the reasons behind group frameworks and guided you on how they work. Moreover, I have said the dates of later SASSA R350 bunches so you’ll rapidly check your status and get the allow.