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How to Check SASSA Adjust For R350

It is vital to check your adjust frequently if you are a later SASSA give beneficiary or an existing allow holder. To check your adjust, you as it were require your application ID and cell phone number that you utilized to yield your SASSA give application.

SASSA Check Balance

SASSA allow installments are paid month to month, and you can pull back your stores in increases or maybe than pulling back all at once. Your adjust remains secure in your account until you pull back it.

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Checking your adjust makes a difference you oversee your cash appropriately and advise SASSA expeditiously if there are any installment issues. In this article, we will appear you how you can check your SASSA adjust effectively and quickly.

Four Ways to Check Your SASSA SRD Adjust for R350

These strategies are appropriate for SRD R350 give and too same for all the other gifts given by SASSA. You can check your adjust utilizing your cellphone’s USSD benefit, online through WhatsApp, at an ATM, or by going to your closest SASSA office.

The most helpful ways to check your adjust are online or through the USSD benefit, as you can do so with fair a few clicks without going anywhere.

1. Check Your SASSA Adjust From your Cellphone Utilizing the USSD Method

Follow the underneath steps to check your adjust by means of the USSD method:

Dial *120*69277# utilizing your phone.

Follow the prompts step by step.

You will be inquired to give your subtle elements, counting your ID and phone number.

You will get your current adjust points of interest by means of SMS upon giving the details.

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SASSA adjust check ussd

If the over adjust check USSD code is not working and returns active benefit or out of reach. At that point you can utilize the taking after moment USSD code:

Dial *120*3210# utilizing your phone

Follow all the prompts.

Provide your subtle elements, counting your ID number and phone number.

After giving the points of interest, an SMS will be sent to you with your current adjust details.

2. Checking Your SASSA Adjust Online Utilizing WhatsApp

To check your adjust utilizing WhatsApp, take after the underneath steps:

SASSA Adjust Check Online

Save the SASSA WhatsApp number +27820468553 to your contacts.

Type “SASSA” and send it to the SASSA WhatsApp number.

Reply with “Status” to the reaction you receive.

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Now you will get another reaction, answer with “Yes” if you have a reference number.

Enter the versatile number related with your SASSA allow in the another reaction you receive.

Send your reference number in the final response.

You will get a reaction with your current SASSA status and adjust report.

3. Checking Your Adjust At ATMs

This alternative is as it were accessible to SASSA cardholders. If you have the SASSA card, at that point you can take after the underneath steps to check your adjust at the ATM:

SASSA Adjust Check For R350 at ATM Without Airtime

Insert your SASSA card into the ATM and enter your 4-digit Stick code to get to your account.

Now, select the alternative “Account Balance”. (The alternative title can be changed in diverse ATMs, so select the choice that appears your current account balance)

You will have two alternatives: See your account adjust on the screen or print a receipt.

After the choice, your account adjust will be shown or printed on a receipt, depending on your choice.

4. Visit Your Closest SASSA Office or Post Office to Ask Your SASSA Balance

To check your adjust from the SASSA benefit center or Post office, you will require the following:

Your character archives (e.g., ID card, international id, driver’s license)

Your SASSA application ID

SASSA agents will inquire you for your character reports for confirmation. Once the confirmation is completed, they will give the total points of interest almost your application and your current SASSA balance.

We prescribe checking your adjust utilizing the cellphone strategy at whatever point conceivable, as going to an SASSA office can be time-consuming due to long queues.

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Check Your SASSA Allow Adjust Without Airtime

If you need to check your adjust for the ancient age give, inability give, child allow, or any other give without broadcast appointment, at that point you can do it by these two methods:

Check it by going to your closest SASSA benefit center as depicted above

By utilizing your SASSA Gold Card at any ATM by taking after the over procedure

Key Focuses to Keep in mind Whereas Checking Your Balance

While checking your adjust, keep the taking after things in mind:

You must utilize the SASSA USSD code on the versatile phone number connected to your SASSA account to check your adjust. You can as it were check your SASSA adjust on a phone number connected to your account.

Depending on your versatile arrange supplier, there may be a little expense for checking your Sassa adjust utilizing the USSD benefit. You can visit a SASSA office or an ATM for a free adjust check.

Always keep your SASSA adjust less than or break even with to R624. If SASSA finds a adjust surpassing R624 in your account, this will make you ineligible for the give for that month. SASSA will too take back your give cash for that month.


In this article, we comprehensively secured the different strategies for checking your SASSA balance.You ought to check your adjust frequently to keep yourself overhauled on your budgetary circumstance. The checking handle is clear, particularly when utilizing your portable phone. If you experience any issue with your allow cash, contact SASSA instantly to fathom your issues immediately.


How do I check my SASSA balance?

There are a few helpful ways to check your SASSA balance:

  • Mobile USSD: Dial 12069277# or 120*3210# on your cellphone.
  • WhatsApp: Send the word “Sassa” to the SASSA WhatsApp number (082 046 8553) and take after the prompts.
  • ATM: Utilize your SASSA Gold Card at any ATM to see your balance.
  • SASSA Office: Visit SASSA office to get your adjust details

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