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How to Check SASSA Status by means of Moya app

Step 1: Dwnload and Introduce the Moya App

If you haven’t as of now, download and introduce the Moya App on your smartphone from the Google Play Store (for Android gadgets) or the Apple App Store (for iOS gadgets). The app is free to download and use.

Step 2: Dispatch the Moya App and Enroll or Log In

Open the Moya App on your smartphone and enlist if you are a unused client or login if you as of now have an account. You will require to give your title and cell phone number to register.

Step 3: Get to the SASSA SRD R350 Give Service

Once you have logged in, press on “Discover” and at that point the “Money” choice. You will see a list of accessible cash alternatives, counting government administrations on the Moya App. See for the “SRD zero-rated” benefit and tap on it to get to the benefit. You will be diverted to the SRD page, scroll down to the “check SASSA SRD status” tab.

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Step 4: Enter Your ID Number and Cell Phone Number

To check your SASSA status, you will require to enter your ID number and cell phone number. Enter the required data precisely in the assigned areas on the Moya App.

Step 5: Tap on “Submit” and Check SASSA Status

After entering your ID number and cell phone number, tap on the “submit” button. Your R350 allow status will be shown on your smartphone screen. You will be able to see whether your application has been endorsed or declined, as well as any other significant data related to your SRD R350 give status.

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Why Utilize the Moya App to Check SASSA Status?

The Moya App is a helpful and effective way to get to government administrations, counting checking your SASSA SRD R350 allow status. It is a free portable application that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

The app is user-friendly and planned to work on low-end smartphones and moderate web associations, making it open to a wide run of clients. Utilizing the Moya App, you can effectively and safely check your SRD R350 give status without having to visit a SASSA office or make a phone call.

Checking Your SASSA Status on GovChat

Checking SASSA SRD R350 allow status by means of the Moya App is a straightforward and helpful handle. By taking after the step-by-step direct laid out in this article, you can effectively get to your allow status data on your smartphone in the consolation of your home.

Last Words 

Remember to keep your data overhauled on the Moya App and with SASSA to guarantee that you get exact and opportune overhauls on your SRD R350 give status. If you experience any issues or have questions with respect to your allow status, you can moreover contact SASSA straightforwardly for assistance.

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Stay educated and remain overhauled on your give status to guarantee that you get the monetary help you are qualified for amid these challenging time


Now, you are clear that the application ID and reference number are the same in terms of SASSA. You too know all the strategies to recoup it if you misplaced or overlooked. You can utilize any strategy that is reasonable for you. Fair make beyond any doubt to take after the steps accurately to get your application ID effectively. The application ID will offer assistance in all your SASSA give inquiries and issues to guarantee a smooth prepare whereas collaboration with SASSA.