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How to Claim SASSA Funeral Benefits

Many South Africans depend on SASSA gifts for budgetary back. When a SASSA recipient passes absent, their give stops. But in certain circumstances, if the family cannot manage the burial service costs, they might be qualified to claim the unclaimed give sum for the month of passing for memorial service expenses.

SASSA moreover makes a difference their recipient family with the memorial service fetched, as it were when a expired individual has an dynamic allow and did not collect their allow sum of the final month they passed on. This unclaimed advantage sum can as it were be collected by a lawful agent of the expired recipient or another of kinfolk. Keep in mind, the give can not be exchanged to any relative or family individuals unless they apply for their grant.

In this article, I will direct you through when you are qualified to collect burial service benefits, what reports you will require, and how to prepare the application to get that sum inside 3 days.

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Understanding Memorial service Policy

There are distinctive sorts of burial service approaches accessible for the SASSA give holders. 

1. SASSA Unclaimed Benefits:

If a recipient passes absent without collecting their give for the current month, their family might be qualified to claim the unclaimed sum towards burial service costs. This handle includes submitting particular archives and assembly qualification criteria.

2. Memorial service Insurance/Scheme:

The other sort is that the recipient selected for third-party burial service protections and authorized derivations from their SASSA give to contribute towards the approach. Since 2017, SASSA has permitted findings for affirmed memorial service protections from Ancient Age, War Ingenious, and Changeless Inability gifts, with a most extreme of 10% of the allow sum. Be that as it may, it’s imperative to keep in mind that:

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This is not a “SASSA Memorial service Policy“. It includes choosing and contributing to a partitioned burial service protections arrange advertised by a private protections company.

SASSA doesn’t handle these approaches. The chosen protections company oversees them and might some of the time include collaborating with common memorial service arrangements or government burial service help South Africa.

This article will examine the to begin with sort, “SASSA Unclaimed Benefits”, to claim the unclaimed allow for memorial service expenses.

Who is Qualified for SASSA Burial service Benefits and When Can be Claimed

The unclaimed benefits can as it were be claimed when a recipient passes on and does not collect the final month’s give. If they collected the give of the month they passed on, you will not be qualified to apply for the unclaimed give sum. So, it can be as it were collected:

If the recipient does not collect the final month’s allow payment.

It can as it were be collected by a lawful agent or the expired beneficiary’s another kinfolk to cover the memorial service cost.

Please note that the unclaimed benefits can not be collected specifically. To begin with, you must call the SASSA toll-free number 0800 60 10 11 to illuminate them around the SASSA member’s passing. The toll-free call center is accessible weekdays from 8 AM to 4 PM.

If numerous family individuals paid the burial service sum, at that point there ought to be a single receipt appearing all the expenses.

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Document Prerequisites to Claim the SASSA Memorial service Benefits

SASSA takes after the particular criteria and requires a few reports to demonstrate that the recipient has been passed and you are the genuine lawful agent of the give holder who went through on the burial service. Once you educated the SASSA almost the passing of the recipient, you will require the taking after archives to collect the unclaimed benefits:

Death Certificate of the perished beneficiary.

South African ID Card of the perished SASSA member.

Identity card of the agent or family part applying for the unclaimed give amount.

Receipt or receipt of the add up to sum went through on memorial service expenses.

Any other report that appears your relationship with the perished recipient (e.g., marriage certificate or birth certificate)

Once you have all the over archives, you can begin the application handle to get the unclaimed benefits.

How to Apply for Unclaimed SASSA Burial service Benefits

After gathering all the required archives, you must visit your closest SASSA office to yield the claim. To apply, take after the underneath steps:

  1. Report the Death

First, you will require to report the beneficiary’s passing to the SASSA toll-free call center at 0800 60 10 11. This step is vital some time recently continuing with the claim.

  1. Accumulate the Required Documents:

Gather all the required reports some time recently going by the office. The required archives are specified over in this article.

  1. Discover and visit your closest SASSA office

Find your closest SASSA office and affirm their working hours. Most SASSA workplaces work between 8 AM to 4 PM from Monday to Friday. Visit the office along with the archives. Once you are at the office, you may confront long lines. Stand in the line and hold up for your turn.

  1. Yield the Reports to SASSA Representative:

After your turn comes, inquire the SASSA official that you are here to apply for unclaimed memorial service benefits. The agent will inquire you for the archives. Give them with all the required records. They will do their starting confirmation and start the handle for the total confirmation and installment processing.

  1. Hold up for the Payment:

SASSA will take 24 to 72 hours to total the confirmation and prepare your installment. If it’s not too much trouble hold up for the installment, and if you do not get any overhaul inside 72 hours, at that point inquire for the upgrade by calling the SASSA helpline: 0800 60 10 11.

That’s all you require to apply for the unclaimed benefits. You will before long get your installment. Fair guarantee you give the total and certified reports to maintain a strategic distance from any delays.

What is the Sum of SASSA Memorial service Policy?

It’s critical to get it that SASSA doesn’t offer an “SASSA Memorial service Policy” but the unclaimed allow sum of the expired recipient. There is no correct sum you can claim. You may be qualified to claim the unclaimed allow sum for the month of passing up to the sum remaining in the perished beneficiary’s account.

If the sum surpasses the expired recipient’s allow sum, you will be paid for the as it were reserves accessible in the perished beneficiary’s account. You will not be paid additional if the burial service taken a toll is less than the unclaimed funds.

If the perished picked for the SASSA conclusions for the private memorial service protections company, at that point the payout sum will depend on the chosen arrange and the commitments made. SASSA wouldn’t repay the whole fetched in any case. 

What Time Will It Take to Get the Payment?

SASSA regularly forms the unclaimed allow sum inside 24 to 72 hours. But it seem be postponed depending on the complexity of your case, the number of applications they are getting, and their current workload. If you did not get the installment inside 3 days, you can contact the SASSA helpline for an update.

What is SASSA Passing Benefits?

SASSA passing benefits allude to either SASSA memorial service benefits or unclaimed benefits. The prepare for claiming the unclaimed allow sum of a expired recipient is the same for both. These terms are utilized traded, so there’s no require for disarray, as this article covers the same concept.

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In conclusion, whereas SASSA doesn’t offer a conventional burial service approach, families of expired SASSA recipients who did not collect their final month’s give might be qualified to claim this unclaimed sum to offer assistance with memorial service costs. This advantage is accessible as it were to legitimate agents or another of kinfolk who paid for the memorial service costs. The convenient announcing of the beneficiary’s passing to the SASSA is imperative. Gathering all the fundamental records guarantees a smooth and productive application prepare, with potential preparing times extending from 24 to 72 hours.


Who is qualified to claim SASSA Memorial service Benefits?

The unclaimed benefits can be claimed by a perished SASSA beneficiary’s lawful agent or following of kinfolk. To be qualified, the recipient ought to not have collected the final month’s give installment.