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How to Recover Your Lost SASSA Reference Number 

The SASSA reference number is a interesting identifier relegated to your SASSA application. When you apply for a SASSA give, SASSA relegates a interesting number to your application. It is composed on the receipt frame when you apply in–person, and you too get it on your phone number or mail whereas applying online.

This reference number is too alluded to as the application ID. It is utilized to track your application advance and all the other issues related to SASSA gifts, such as for SASSA reapplication, at the time of engaging your declined SRD give, changing your give contact points of interest, and overhauling your managing an account details.

It’s vital to keep it secure. But if you have overlooked or misplaced your SASSA reference number and require it to handle any issue related to your allow, at that point no require to be stressed. SASSA gives ways to recoup your it. I’ll clarify in this article how you can recoup your it with as it were a few clicks! Keep reading.

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How to recuperate your Misplaced SASSA Reference Number

There are four helpful ways to recuperate your misplaced SASSA application number. You can recoup it fair with a few clicks. I will depict each strategy in detail below:

Recover Your Misplaced SASSA R350 Reference Number Online By means of Status Check

The most helpful way to check your SASSA frame reference number online is by doing the status check on SGSC or the SASSA site. If it’s not too much trouble take after the underneath steps:

Visit the SGSC or SASSA official site through the connect:

Provide your South African ID card number and phone number.

Click the “submit” button.

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Your SASSA application reference number will be shown on the screen at the best with your other application details.

That’s it! You got your application number back fair with a few clicks.

Check Your SASSA SRD R350 Application ID Through WhatsApp

The other fast way is through WhatsApp. It would be ideal if you take after these steps to get your SASSA application ID:

Save the SASSA WhatsApp Number 082 046 8553 to your phone contact list.

Type the message “Status” and send it to that WhatsApp number.

You will get an robotized answer from SASSA. Answer “Yes” to that message.

Follow the rest of the prompts and give your other data if asked.

Checking Your SASSA Status on GovChat

That’s all. Presently, You will get your

SASSA reference number.

So, you see how simple it is to get your application ID back fair with a few clicks by utilizing WhatsApp.

Get Your SASSA R350 Reference Number By means of USSD

You can too get your application ID for the SRD R350 allow by the USSD strategy. Fair take after the straightforward steps below:

Dial the USSD code *120*3210# from your cell phone.

A incite will be shown on your versatile

screen inquiring for your ID number.

Provide your South African ID Card number.SASSA SRD Grant Status Checks

Then, in the other incite, give the phone number you utilized to apply for your SASSA application.

Now, your SASSA reference number will be shown on your screen.

Note: If it’s not too much trouble keep in intellect that you require to dial the USSD code from the phone number you utilized to yield your SASSA application. If you utilize any other number, you won’t get your application ID.

Find Your SASSA Application ID By means of Voice Call

If you don’t like the ways to get your overlooked application ID through the over strategies and need human interaction for fulfillment. At that point you can get your it by means of calling the SASSA call center helpline. If it’s not too much trouble take after the underneath steps:

Dial the SASSA toll-free number 0800 60 10 11

You will get an auto call center reaction. Presently press 1.

Now, you will be associated with a SASSA human agent.

Ask them that you require your application ID.

They will confirm your character by inquiring for your ID Card and phone number.

After confirmation, they will give you with your SASSA application reference number.

Although this is moreover an simple strategy, I incline toward the other strategies to check online and USSD code. You may have to hold up for a whereas some time recently interfacing to a SASSA specialist as there are hundreds of calls going on, and they will react to you once they are free.

What is the Illustration of SASSA Reference Number?

You may be pondering how I know what my correct application ID looks like. I’ll allow you an case, so you can distinguish it easily.

Example of Reference Number: “555 6644 STATUS”

What to do After I Get My Reference Number?

Once you get your reference number, compose it down and keep it in a secure put, as you regularly require it for your SASSA allow inquiries and issues. It would be ideal if you make beyond any doubt this time you don’t disregard or lose the number and can get to it rapidly anytime you require it.

What is the Distinction Between SASSA Application ID and Reference Number?

SASSA application ID and reference number are the same, but regularly, the terms are utilized traded. So, at whatever point SASSA inquires you approximately either one of them, don’t be confounded; they are the same.


Now, you are clear that the application ID and reference number are the same in terms of SASSA. You too know all the strategies to recoup it if you misplaced or overlooked. You can utilize any strategy that is reasonable for you. Fair make beyond any doubt to take after the steps accurately to get your application ID effectively. The application ID will offer assistance in all your SASSA give inquiries and issues to guarantee a smooth prepare whereas collaboration with SASSA.