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How to Resolve the ‘Identity Verification Failed’ SRD Grant Status

Encountering the ‘Identity Verification Failed’ status on your SRD grant application can be disheartening, especially when unsure about its implications and how to rectify it. Let’s delve into understanding this status and the steps to resolve it effectively.

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How SASSA Verifies Your Identity

When applying for any SASSA grant, submission of supporting documents, including a certified ID or Passport copy, is mandatory. These documents undergo manual scrutiny, supplemented by system checks linked to Home Affairs databases to authenticate identity details. Accuracy in application details is crucial, as any discrepancies may lead to the ‘Identity Verification Failed’ outcome, aimed at thwarting fraudulent activities such as profile impersonation.

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Steps to Rectify Your ID Verification Status

Addressing this issue demands diligence and patience, involving the following steps:

  1. Review SRD Grant Application Details: Verify submitted information for any spelling errors or inaccuracies. Correct any discrepancies and update personal details accordingly.
  2. Confirm Details with Home Affairs: Cross-reference your information with the Home Affairs department to ensure alignment and rectify any discrepancies, especially if recent updates, like name changes, were made.
  3. Validate Banking Information: Ensure consistency between bank records and details provided in your SASSA application and Home Affairs records.
  4. Biometric Verification at SASSA Branch: Visit the nearest SASSA branch to undergo biometric verification, confirming your identity through fingerprint scanning or facial recognition systems.
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Following these suggestions entails patience as processing and rectification may take up to seven business days. Avoid resubmitting your SRD grant application, as SASSA reassesses details monthly for any changes unless specifically requested due to missing information.

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Appealing the Failed Status

Should the status persist despite efforts, you have the option to appeal the grant application through the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA). While this process may extend the resolution timeline, it involves comprehensive revalidation of submitted information against various SASSA databases, including Home Affairs records. Expect up to three months for ITSAA to complete the revalidation process, during which regularly monitoring your SASSA status for updates is advised.

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