Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

How to Settle SASSA SRD 

Applied for South Africa’s Uncommon COVID-19 Social Alleviation of Trouble (SRD) given in 2024 but got an “alternative salary source identified” notice instep? This common SASSA declining reason requires you to take action to request or reapply accurately to get the R350 month to month funds.

This directly clarifies why you may get the “alternative salary source” decay message, the steps to settle it, and tips for guaranteeing your allow application status gets affirmed on reassessment. If you are still unaware of the status, you can SASSA Status Check at our website.

What Triggers the “Alternative Salary Source” Error?


One principal qualification criteria for the SRD is passing SASSA’s salary edge test. Your application is consequently declined if aggregate stored into any bank account or e-Wallet in your title over the earlier month surpasses R624.

This incorporates all bank, crypto or computerized installments from numerous sources over that period, consequently the term “alternative income”. Installments made by the SASSA framework related with your ID are prohibited from this test when deciding qualification for the trouble grant.

Possible triggers that recognize such elective wage sources inciting a SASSA decay include:

Spouse or partner’s customary stores into a shared bank account: Indeed if not your pay, stores by another named account holder check as elective funds.

Part-time or independent work salary paid into individual accounts: Cash from self-employment, side-gigs or portion time occupations may gather over the rest over a month.

Digital wallet stores including up over time: Different littler versatile cash exchanges to an e-Wallet can breach limits when totalled from companions, family or side jobs.

If SASSA frameworks identify any total stores over the R624 constrained from numerous sources into your enrolled budgetary accounts, the “alternative salary identified” mistake shows. But this can be contested.

How to Settle the “Alternative Salary Source Identified” Error?

If you truly meet the monetary trouble criteria, settle the elective wage mistake utilizing SASSA’s SRD offers process:

Gather bank articulations appearing you haven’t gotten total stores surpassing R624 in the earlier month from all sources.

Access the SRD Offers Stage and yield a reassessment task by entering your ID number and important details.

Upload or yield bank records approving aggregate stores from all sources are beneath the constraint. Clarify any uncommon deposits.

Check status frequently and give any encouraging budgetary proof if asked by the Offers Committee.

If your SASSA Request satisfactorily demonstrates no adequate elective wage source exists, your allow is affirmed on reassessment!

Tips to Dodge “Alternative Income” Identification

When at first applying or reapplying after engaging, make sure:

Bank accounts submitted as it were reflect your title and ID points of interest. Any shared or accomplice accounts must be excluded.

Update SASSA if individual bank points of interest utilized for installments alter at any point.

Records appear whole month to month salary history so SASSA can precisely set qualification edges custom fitted to your particular circumstances.

Being forthright on all accessible pay sources permits SASSA officers to make reasonable, evidence-based appraisals of whether adequate trouble exists to warrant SRD assistance.

Next Steps If Advance Issues Persist

For declined candidates debating their elective pay status, advance alternatives exist:

Engage SASSA officers at nearby department workplaces to survey qualification face-to-face if mistakes persist.

Utilize free lawful help from organizations like ProBono to formally request inaccurate decisions.

Getting master direction enables troubled people to get to this crucial security net help grant.


The SASSA framework naturally decays SRD applications if month to month bank explanation stores surpass set limits, classifying these as “alternative wage sources”. But those assembly monetary trouble criteria can challenge this with a straightforward reassessment request process.

Providing straightforward proof affirming you drop underneath SASSA’s characterized pay limit is key to toppling the common “alternative wage identified” mistake message. This permits substantial candidates to effectively get to the SRD grant’s vital bolster