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How to Track SRD Grant Application for March 2024How to Track SRD Grant Application for March 2024

How To Track SRD Grant Application For March

Millions of unemployed individuals living in South Africa depend on the R350 give to get to fundamental products and administrations each month. People can check in case they will be getting the allow in Walk by taking after a step by step direct on how to track your allow application

The South African Social Security Organization (Sassa) uncovered that millions of individuals proceed to apply for the Social Help of Trouble (SRD) allow. The give, commonly alluded to as the R350 give, gives a few budgetary help to unemployed individuals living in South Africa. 

It is evaluated that 12 million individuals have submitted a Sassa online application within the trust of getting the R350 give each month. Whereas they are not required to reapply for the R350 allow month to month, Sassa will proceed to assess R350 allow applications to guarantee that everybody who connected for the give still meets the R350 give qualification criteria. 

R350 Allow Qualification Criteria:

The R350 allow is accessible to unemployed individuals living in South Africa. This incorporates South African citizens, refuge searchers, uncommon allow holders and displaced people. 

These people must be between the ages of 18 and 59 a long time ancient to qualify for the allow. People who are more seasoned than 59 a long time ancient may apply for the More seasoned People Allow whereas those more youthful than 18 a long time more seasoned may be qualified for the Child Bolster give disseminated by Sassa. 

Planned R350 allow recipients may not be getting any frame of government bolster. This incorporates other awards dispersed by Sassa, benefits from the Unemployment Protections Support (UIF) or financing from the National Understudy Monetary Help Conspire (NSFAS).

They too may not be suited in a government institution. 

One of the foremost vital qualification criteria presented by Sassa for the R350 give is the wage edge. Recipients of the give may not have an pay higher than R624. 

Pay, in this setting of the SRD allow, alludes to the sum of cash an candidate has in their bank account. On the off chance that an candidate has more than R624 in their bank account, their application for the R350 give will be rejected.

People who meet the R350 allow qualification criteria ought to qualify for the give installments. They can check on the off chance that they will be paid by completing a Sassa status check. 

Sassa Status Check For R350 Give Status:

People who need to track their R350 allow application for Walk can visit the Sassa R350 give site to total a Sassa status check. 

How to Track SRD Grant Application for March 2024
How to Track SRD Grant Application for March 2024

Steps To Check Your R350 Allow Status For March:

Step 1: Visit the Sassa SRD allow website

Step 2: Scroll down to the ‘South African ID Holders’ and press the ‘click here to proceed’ tab

Step 3: At that point, scroll down to ‘Application status’ for your SRD allow 

 Step 4: Press on ‘Click here to check online’

 Step 5: Fill in your ID number and the phone number that you just for your application, at that point tap ‘submit’

Step 6: You ought to at that point be able to see the SRD status of your R350 give application

What Your R350 Give Status Means:

The best R350 give status to get is “approved” which suggests that Sassa has endorsed your R350 give application and you’ll receive the R350 give. The as it were thing you presently ought to do is hold up for an SMS illuminating you that your cash has been paid and is accessible for collection. 

In the event that your give application is “approved” but you’ve got no installment dates, you’re required to transfer your banking details

A “pending” SRD allow status means that Sassa is still assessing your allow application.

A few R350 give statuses require allow applicants to total assignments to get their give. This incorporates “bank subtle elements pending” which needs applicants to supply their keeping money subtle elements which will permit Sassa to total a implies test. 

In the event that your application for the R350 allow decreases, you’ll get an “IRP5 Registered” R350 give status. This implies that Sassa is picking you up as somebody who pays charge which suggests you’re getting an pay. 

A “referred” R350 grant status when your application was haphazardly chosen for inside confirmation and quality affirmation. It may moreover show that the cell phone number utilized for the R350 allow application was hailed by the South African Extortion Avoidance Administrations (SAFPS)

These give candidates must contact the SAFPS to resolve the issue. Once usually done, you must e-mail Sassa with verification you’ve got cleared the issue. Recipients will at that point experience the facial acknowledgment prepare. 

What To Do In the event that Your R350 Allow Application Was Rejected :

 In the event that you accept that Sassa was off base to dismiss your allow application, you’ll a R350 grant appeal to the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA). 

Here’s How To Submit A R350 Grant Appeal For March:

Step 1: Visit The ITSAA Website

Step 2: Enter Your Identification Number

Step 3: Enter The Cell Phone Number You Used During The Application Process

Step 4: Click Send “Pin”

Step 5: Once you receive the pin, you’ll required to insert it and click “Submit”

Step 6: Select the month simply appealing for

Step 7: Secret the drop-down arrow to choose the reason for your appeal application from the options provided

Step 8: Click “Submit” to complete the appeal application process

 The ITSAA Processes R350 Grant Appeals within 60 to 90 Days. Grant applicants who are unsatisfied with the ITSAA’s decision may approach the High Court for judicial review within 180 Days.