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How to Withdraw Money Without SASSA Card 

If your card has been stolen or misplaced, you don’t require to be stressed as you can pull back cash without a SASSA card. SASSA gets it the significance of giving its recipients with helpful and secure ways to oversee their gifts, and they offer a few cardless withdrawal alternatives such as SASSA cardless installments, ABSA or FNB’s Ewallet, and withdrawals at SASSA-partnered retailers.

There may be a situation that you have lost your card or it has been stolen, but you require a few stores in an crisis such as a restorative crisis, you can pull back your cash without having a physical card. Well, it’s not restricted to this case; you can continuously utilize this strategy indeed if you have a card. It all depends on your preferences.

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In this article, I’ll direct you on how to pull back cash without SASSA card. So, if you don’t mind keep perusing to discover out how you can pull back your stores without a SASSA card.

Methods to Pull back Your Give Cash Without SASSA Card

There are different ways to pull back your SASSA cash without a card. I’ll isolate them into three diverse strategies as follows:

Cash Send Alternative (ABSA, FNB’s E-Wallet, standard bank) 

SASSA Cardless Installment (SASSA OTP Withdrawal)

Get Installment Specifically in Your Individual Bank Account

  1. Withdrawal By means of SASSA Cash Send Administrations (ABSA, FNB & Standard Bank)

The to begin with strategy is to pull back your reserves utilizing cash send administrations such as ABSA, FNB’s E-wallet, and SASSA OTP withdrawal Standard Bank. They all have nearly the same strategy to cash your reserves. I’ll diagram the step-by-step strategy for ABSA cash send withdrawals through ATMs and bank branches.March SASSA Grant Update

Cash Send By means of ABSA’s ATM

Follow the underneath steps to pull back your give stores through ABSA:

Step 1: Find and Visit Your Closest ABSA ATM

Locate and visit your closest Cash Send empowered ABSA ATM by utilizing the department locator. If it’s not too much trouble keep in intellect that all ABSA ATMs don’t offer Cash Send, so affirm already utilizing the ABSA’s department locator at

Step 2: Give Your Phone Number for Transaction

Look for the Cash Send symbol on the ATM screen. Press on it; it will inquire you to give your phone number. Presently, give the phone number that is related with your SASSA grant.

Step 3: Confirm Your Exchange By OTP

An OTP will be sent to your phone number. Enter that OTP Stick at the ATM screen.

Step 4: Get Your Give Money

Once the OTP is confirmed, you will be able to pull back reserves from your SASSA account. You can either pull back the full sum or as it were the sum you require at the moment.

That’s all you require to pull back your stores through ABSA.

Sassa increment walk

Cash Send By means of ABSA’s Bank Branch

If you are looking to pull back through ABSA’s Bank department, at that point you require to take after the underneath steps:

Step 1: Find and Visit Your Closest ABSA Branch

Find your closest ABSA department by utilizing the department locator. After finding the department, affirm their opening timing and visit them amid their working hours.

Step 2: Give Your Phone Number TO ABSA’s Staff

Ask the department staff that you are here to pull back your SASSA stores through Cash Send. Staff will inquire you to give the phone number you utilized to enlist for the SASSA grant.

Step 3: Confirm Your Exchange By OTP:

An OTP will be sent to your portable phone. Give that OTP to the bank staff.

Step 4: Get Your Allow Money

After the staff confirm your OTP, you will be able to pull back your allow cash from the ABSA’s department. You can either pull back your full allow sum or as it were the sum you require at the moment.

R350 Instalment March

Note: You will require to take after the same strategy to pull back reserves from the FNB E-Wallet and Standard Bank. They both have comparative strategies for cash send withdrawals.

2. SASSA R350 Cardless Cash Withdrawal (SASSA OTP Withdrawal)

The SASSA R350 cardless cash withdrawal is too known as SASSA OTP withdrawal. For this strategy, you will require to utilize SASSA-Partnered retailers as your withdrawal strategy. There are six SASSA-partnered retailers recorded below:

Pick & Pay







To utilize this withdrawal strategy, you will require to alter your SASSA account installment strategy to Cash Send from the SASSA web entry at After that, you can get your give cash from any pickup of the over retailers. You will have to take after the taking after steps:

Step 1: Get the Fundamental Things

Get your versatile phone, ID Card and SASSA/Postbank Gold Card Stick some time recently going by the pickup point.

Step 2: Discover Your Closest Pick-up Point

Locate your closest pickup point of one of the SASSA-partnered retailers.

Step 3: Visit and Hold up for Your Turn

Normally you will be confronting long lines in pickup focuses. So, be persistent and hold up for your turn.

Step 4: Give Your ID and Phone Number for Verification

At your turn, the staff will inquire you to give your ID number and phone number to confirm that you are the genuine give owner.

Step 5: OTP Affirmation & Punching Your Pin

Now, a affirmation message will be sent to your phone number. The staff will too inquire you to punch the Stick that you utilized to pull back at ATMs.

Step 6: Get Your Grant!

After giving the rectify Stick, the cashier will hand over your SASSA allow money.

That’s it! Presently you have got your give installment with SASSA cardless installment solution.

Tip: You can moreover utilize this strategy to pull back cash from the SAPO (South African Post Office) branch.

3. Get Installment Straightforwardly in Your Individual Bank Account

The most helpful way for me is to get my give installments specifically into my bank account. You listened it right; this is one of the best strategies as you don’t have to depend on any third sources encourage and get all your allow cash straightforwardly in your bank account. 

For this, you will have to alter your keeping money subtle elements from the SASSA web entrance at Once the installment strategy changes to your bank account, you will begin accepting your installments in your account from the following installment cycle. It would be ideal if you keep in mind that the bank account must be in your title, as SASSA can’t pay your give installments to anybody else’s bank account.

Which Cardless Withdrawal Strategy is Right for You?

Choosing the right way to pull back your SASSA give without a card can be befuddling. Don’t stress; I’m here to help!

Cash Send, SASSA Cardless Installment, and Coordinate Bank Store each offer one of a kind preferences and disadvantages. Let’s investigate these strategies to discover the idealize fit for your needs:

1. Cash Send

Pros: Quick and simple to utilize, accessible at bank areas and ATMs.

Cons: Withdrawal expenses might be more than utilizing other options.

2. SASSA Cardless Payment

Pros: Secure and doesn’t require a bank account.

Cons: Compared to Cash Send, there are longer lines at pick-up locations.

3. Coordinate Bank Deposit

Pros: Programmed and hassle-free, no require to visit withdrawal points.

Cons: Setting up a bank account is fundamental, and there may be delays with the starting deposit.

The best cardless withdrawal strategy for you depends on your priorities:

If speed and comfort are best needs, Cash Send might be your best bet.

If you don’t have a bank account and need the most noteworthy level of security, SASSA Cardless Installment is a awesome choice.

If you lean toward everything to be programmed and hands-off (like me), Coordinate Bank Store is the way to go.

No matter which strategy you select, make beyond any doubt to keep your SASSA Stick secure and never share it with anyone.

I will continuously select the individual bank account strategy. As the allow cash will continuously be at my fingertips, I can as it were pull back the sum that I require to oversee my accounts better.

Stay Secure When Pulling back Your SASSA Grant

Please continuously take after the safeguards to keep your give cash safe:

Never share your SASSA Stick with anybody, counting companions, family, or bank authorities. SASSA will never inquire for your PIN.

Be attentive of calls, writings, or emails claiming to be from SASSA asking your individual data or Stick. SASSA won’t contact you this way.

Always utilize as it were the official SASSA site ( and confirmed portable apps for overseeing your grant.

Use as it were SASSA-partnered retailers and ATMs recorded on the official SASSA website.

If you suspect any false movement or endeavored trick, contact SASSA immediately.


In outline, SASSA gives you the adaptability and comfort to get to your stores anytime without having the SASSA card. It too gives you with numerous choices such as Cash Send, Cardless Installments, and Coordinate Bank Store. Presently that you get it the diverse withdrawal strategies select the one that matches your way of life and appreciate getting to your SASSA allow with ease!

Remember, your Stick is the key to your grant’s security. Never share it with anybody, not indeed trusted people, to keep your reserves secure.


Can I pull back my SASSA reserves without a physical card if it’s misplaced or inaccessible?

Yes, you can still get to your SASSA reserves without the physical card. In this article, I sketched out strategies such as Cash Send, SASSA Cardless Installment, and Coordinate Bank Store that permit you to pull back cash without the require for a SASSA card.