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I misplaced my SASSA Reference Number 

The SASSA installments are on the skirt, and your father came to you and said I misplaced my SASSA reference number. Now, you’ll confront complications in getting to the social give and pondering how to get to your grants.The recuperation handle can be wiped out individual by going to the neighborhood SASSA office, reaching the helpline or client back, or using SASSA online services.

How Do I Change My Number On SASSA

What is the SASSA reference number?

The SASSA reference number may be a identifier relegated to people who apply for and get social gifts from SASSA. This reference number is utilized for following and overseeing allow applications and payments.In the event that you’ve connected for a social allow through SASSA, you should have gotten a reference number as portion of the application process.

How do I get the SASSA reference number?

To get a SASSA reference number for the primary time, you ordinarily got to take after these steps:

Sassa Payment Process

Qualification Check: 

Before applying for a SASSA reference number, guarantee you’re qualified for a social allow from SASSA. Qualification criteria will alter depending on the particular give program, such as child back grants, disability awards, and ancient age annuities. You must meet the criteria for the particular give you’re applying for.

Visit Your Nearby SASSA Office: 

To begin the application prepare, visit your closest SASSA office in individual. They will give the essential application shapes and direction on the particular give program you’re interested in.

Total the Application Frame: 

Fill out the application shape with exact and total data. This frame will ask individual points of interest, pay data, and other important information to evaluate your eligibility.

SASSA Online Application

Give Supporting Records: 

Along with the application shape, you’ll yield different supporting reports, such as your South African Personality Record (ID), confirmation of wage, and any other documents asked for your particular give application. The required records are diverse agreeing to the sort of grant.

Meet and Confirmation: 

SASSA will ordinarily conduct an meet and confirmation prepare to affirm your qualification. It may include inquiring questions approximately your monetary circumstance, family, and other important details.

Reference Number Issuance: 

After a fruitful application and confirmation, SASSA will dole out a reference number to your application. This reference number is basic for following the status of your application and, once affirmed, for getting give payments.


Keep your reference number secure; you’ll require it for all future intelligent related to your allow with SASSA. You can utilize this number to check your application’s status and get payments.

SRD Sassa Cancel Application

SASSA reference number check

A “SASSA reference number check” alludes to the method of confirming or checking the status of your application or give utilizing your SASSA reference number.The SASSA reference number could be a identifier assigned to people who have connected for SASSA. This reference number is fundamental for following the advance of your application and for overseeing your give once it’s approved.To perform a SASSA reference number check, you’ll be able take after these steps:

Get to the SASSA Site: 

Visit the official SASSA site or utilize any official online entries or devices given by SASSA to check the status of your grant.

Enter Your Reference Number: 

Log in to the significant area or entrance, and enter your SASSA reference number when prompted.

Take after the Informational: 

The website or entrance will direct you through the method to check the status of your application or allow. You’ll require to give extra data or reply questions to get to the data you seek.

SASSA Grant Administrator Salary

Survey the Status: 

After entering your reference number and any required points of interest, the framework will show the current status of your allow application or installment. It can incorporate data on whether your application has been affirmed, the payment plan, and other pertinent details.

Contact SASSA

In case you encounter any issues or have questions almost your reference number check, you’ll be able SASSA specifically through their helpline or by going to your local SASSA office.Keep in mind that the specific methods for conducting a SASSA reference number check may shift or advance, and it’s imperative to utilize the official channels SASSA gives to get to this information.

Checking the status of your SASSA reference number is significant to guarantee you get the social awards and bolster you’re qualified for in a convenient and accurate manner.

I misplaced my SASSA reference number: Recuperation StepsYou can recoup your misplaced reference number by various methods, such as:

  1. Whatsapp:

On the off chance that you need to ask approximately utilizing WhatsApp to discover your misplaced SASSA reference number, at that point you have to:

Visit the Official SASSA Site: 

Go to the official SASSA site to check on the off chance that they are presently accessible for the foremost up-to-date contact data, counting any WhatsApp numbers or services.

Contact SASSA Specifically: 

See for the official WhatsApp contact number or data SASSA provides on its site or through official announcements. Official communication channels are the most secure and most dependable way to associated with government offices like SASSA.

Send a WhatsApp Message: 

On the off chance that you discover an official WhatsApp contact, message them clarifying that you’ve misplaced your SASSA reference number and require help. Give any data or details they may ask to confirm your identity.

Take after Informational: 

Follow the rules given by the SASSA WhatsApp service to start the method of recovering your reference number.

Be Cautious: 

Ensure you utilize official contact points of interest and channels provided by SASSA to maintain a strategic distance from potential tricks or false activities.

  1. USSD:

 If you need to ask around utilizing USSD to discover your misplaced SASSA reference number, you should:

Visit the Official SASSA Website: 

Go to the official SASSA site to check for the most up-to-date contact data and any accessible USSD codes or administrations in case they have been introduced.

Contact SASSA Directly: 

See for official declarations or contact points of interest given by SASSA on their site. In case they have presented a USSD benefit, it should be mentioned there.

Dial the USSD Code: 

On the off chance that you discover an official USSD code for SASSA, utilize your mobile phone to dial the code. Take after any informational given to recover your misplaced reference number.

Give Data: 

 Be arranged to supply any data or subtle elements the USSD benefit may ask to confirm your personality and start the process.

Be Cautious: 

Guarantee that you utilize official USSD codes and channels given by SASSA to dodge potential tricks or false activities.

  1. SASSA chatbot:

In case you have chatbot service, you’ll these common steps to discover your misplaced SASSA reference number using the chatbot:

Visit the Official SASSA Site: 

Go to the official SASSA site to check for the most up-to-date contact data and any accessible chatbot service in case it has been introduced

Get to the Chatbot:

On the off chance that a chatbot benefit is accessible, you ought to be able to access it on the SASSA site. Search for “Chat” or “Live Support” feature.

Start a Conversation:

Begin a discussion with the SASSA chatbot. You can as a rule do this by clicking on a chat window or a designated chat symbol on the website.

Clarify Your Issue:

Clarify to the chatbot that you’ve misplaced your SASSA reference number and require help recovering it. Give any data or points of interest it may request to confirm your identity.

Take after Bot Instructions:

Take after any informational or direction given by the chatbot to start the prepare of retrieving your misplaced reference number.

Be Cautious:

Guarantee you are utilizing the official chatbot benefit given by SASSA to avoid potential tricks or false exercises. Be cautious about giving individual data to any benefit, and make sure it is the official SASSA chatbot.

  1. Calling SASSA:

Ordinarily, You’ll contact SASSA through their official helpline or client back. Here are the steps to discover your misplaced SASSA reference number by calling SASSA:

Find the Official SASSA Helpline Number:

Check the official SASSA site or government assets for the foremost up-to-date contact data, counting the official helpline number. This number is typically toll-free.

Dial the Helpline Number:

Use your phone to dial the SASSA helpline number.

Explain Your Issue:

When a SASSA representative answers your call, explain that you’ve lost your SASSA reference number and need assistance retrieving it. Be clear and concise about your situation.

Provide Personal Information:

Be prepared to provide your personal information, such as your name, South African ID number, and any other details the representative may request to verify your identity.

Follow the Representative’s Instructions:

The SASSA representative will guide you through recovering your lost reference number. They may ask additional questions to confirm your identity.

Note Down the Recovered Reference Number:

Once your reference number is recovered, write it down or save it in a secure place. You will need this number for all future interactions with SASSA related to your grant application or payment.

Ask for Additional Information:

Feel free to ask the representative for clarification or information if you have questions or need further assistance regarding your grant application or grant payments.


The SASSA reference number is a lifeline for countless individuals in South Africa, offering access to essential financial support. Understanding its significance and knowing how to obtain or recover it is crucial for those in need of social grants.

By diligently following the application and recovery processes, South Africans can navigate the complexities of the grant system and secure the assistance they require to improve their lives.


Can I check the status of my grant application using my SASSA reference number?

Yes, you can check the status of your grant application using your SASSA reference number. Visit the official SASSA website or use other official channels to access this information.