Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

Is SASSA giving R700?

In the realm of financial aid provided by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA), rumors surrounding a purported R700 grant have surfaced, leading to confusion among citizens seeking assistance. It is imperative to dispel this misinformation and shed light on the authentic grants offered by SASSA. This article aims to educate readers about the official grants while addressing the prevalence of fake advertisements and providing steps to combat them.

Is SASSA giving R700 ? Official Grants Offered by SASSA:

To ensure clarity and combat misinformation, it is crucial to be acquainted with the legitimate grants sanctioned by SASSA. The agency offers a range of official grants tailored to assist various segments of the South African population, including:

No Official Announcement by SASSA:

SASSA, the South African Social Security Agency, has not officially announced any grant of R700. There is no credible source or official communication from SASSA confirming the existence of such a grant.


2.SASSA giving R700 ? Verification Through Official Channels:

Any information regarding government grants should be verified through official channels, such as the official SASSA website, government press releases, or direct communication from authorized personnel. The absence of official confirmation is a clear indicator of the grant’s illegitimacy.

3.Official Grants Have Designated Names and Criteria:

SASSA offers various official grants with specific names and criteria, such as the Older Persons Grant, Child Grant, Disability Grant, and COVID-19 SRD Grant. The R700 grant does not align with any of the established grant programs offered by SASSA.


4. Beware of Misleading Advertisements:

Misinformation about the R700 grant has circulated through fake advertisements, leading to confusion and false expectations. It is essential to exercise caution and rely on official sources to avoid falling victim to scams or fraudulent schemes.


5. SASSA’s Reaction to Fake News:

SASSA officials have explicitly addressed the misinformation surrounding the R700 grant. They have clarified that no such grant exists, emphasizing the importance of relying on accurate information provided by the official government agency.


6.No Additional Grants Beyond Official Offerings:

SASSA has a set of official grants designed to provide financial aid to eligible citizens. Any claim of an additional R700 grant is inconsistent with SASSA’s policies, and the agency has affirmed that there are no extra grants beyond the ones officially announced.


7.Community Awareness and Vigilance:

It is crucial for the community to be aware of and vigilant against misleading information. Individuals should share official statements and information to counteract false narratives and protect others from falling prey to scams.


8.Report and Take Action Against Fake Advertisements:

Individuals who come across fake advertisements promoting the R700 grant should take immediate action. This includes reporting the misleading content to law enforcement, filing complaints on the official SASSA website, and contacting the SASSA helpline to ensure corrective measures are taken.…omplete-schedule/


1.Older Persons Grant:

Also known as Old Age Pension, available for individuals aged 60 or above.

2. Child Grant:

Commonly referred to as Child Support Grant, catering to individuals below 18 years.

3. Disability Grant:

Designed for individuals with disabilities.

4. Unique COVID-19 SRD Grant: Recognized as COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress, supporting jobless individuals during the pandemic.

5. War Veteran’s Grant:

Extended to those who fought in WW2 or the Korean War.

6. Foster Child’s Grant:

Aimed at providing financial assistance to foster children.

7.Grant in Aid:

Additional funding for specific circumstances.

8. Care Dependency Grant:

Targeted at foster parents or caretakers.


SASSA’s Response to R700 Grant Misinformation:

Given the prevalence of fake information surrounding the R700 grant, SASSA officials have unequivocally stated that no such grant exists. The agency asserts that there are no additional grants beyond the ones officially announced.


Combatting Fake Advertisements:

In the wake of persistent fake advertisements, it becomes crucial for individuals to take proactive measures. If encountering misleading information, follow these steps:


1. Capture Evidence:

Take a screenshot and note the URL of the website featuring the fake advertisement.

2. Report to Police:

Immediately inform law enforcement about the website disseminating false information to safeguard others.

3. Complaint to SASSA:

File an official complaint on the SASSA website to prompt the removal of the fraudulent advertisement.

4. Contact SASSA Helpline:

Lodge a complaint via the SASSA helpline, facilitating swift legal action against the deceptive website.

5.Social Media Awareness:

Share the screenshot on social media, labeling it as fake, to alert and protect others from falling victim to fraud.



In conclusion, the R700 SASSA grant is a misinformation campaign, and citizens should be vigilant against deceptive advertisements. By understanding the official grants offered by SASSA and taking proactive steps against fake information, individuals can contribute to a more informed and secure community. SASSA remains committed to providing legitimate financial aid, and it is crucial for citizens to rely on official channels for accurate information.