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Lost Your SASSA CardLost Your SASSA Card

Lost Your SASSA Card

Lost Your SASSA Card can be a distressing experience, however swift motion is fundamental to stop unauthorized get right of entry to and defend your funds. Here’s a complete information on what to do if you discover your self in this situation.

Reporting the Loss

Reporting to SASSA

The first fundamental step is to file the loss of your SASSA card promptly. You can do this by:

Contacting SASSA without delay at their toll-free helpline: 0800 60 10 eleven Upon calling, they will ship you an OTP code to confirm your identity.

Visiting the nearest SASSA office. You can discover regional workplace contact records on their reliable website.

Reporting to the Post Office or Post Bank

In addition to notifying SASSA, it is necessary to record the loss to the publish workplace or submit bank. You can do this by:

Visiting the submit workplace or publish financial institution in person, or alternatively, you can ship an electronic mail to postbankfraud@postoffice.co.za. Ensure to consist of your police case quantity and provide beneficiary wide variety in the email.

Remember, you should record the SASSA loss in character at a police station to reap a case number. This quantity will be essential for finishing forms with SASSA and can also be required for future reference or investigation purposes.

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Replacing Your SASSA Card

Once you’ve got mentioned the loss, the subsequent step is to change your SASSA card. Follow these steps:

Obtain a SASSA Fraud Affidavit Form

Visit a close by SASSA workplace or publish workplace to acquire a SASSA fraud affidavit form. Complete the structure with your furnish details, together with your SASSA beneficiary number, and connect a licensed replica of your ID.

Submission of Documents

Submit the performed structure alongside with any required archives to the SASSA workplace or publish office. Ensure all bureaucracy is precisely crammed out to keep away from delays in processing.

Approval and Issuance

If your software is approved, you need to get hold of your new alternative SASSA card inside seven days. The substitute card will be issued through the South African Reserve Bank.


It’s vital to be aware that there is a charge related with changing your SASSA card. You will be required to pay R26 for the issuance of the alternative card.


Lost Your SASSA Card can be a daunting experience, however through taking instant motion and following the steps outlined above, you can mitigate the dangers related with unauthorized get admission to to your funds. Remember to document the loss immediately, accumulate the indispensable documents, and comply with the processes for card substitute diligently.


Can I document the loss of my SASSA card online?

No, reporting the loss ought to be achieved in character at a police station, SASSA office, or put up office.

Is there a cut-off date for reporting the loss of my SASSA card?

It’s endorsed to document the loss as quickly as feasible to forestall unauthorized get entry to to your funds.

What need to I do if I suspect fraudulent pastime on my SASSA account?

Contact SASSA right away and file the incident. They will information you on the crucial steps to guard your account.

Can I music the repute of my substitute SASSA card?

You can inquire about the repute of your substitute card by means of contacting SASSA or touring the issuing workplace the place you submitted your application.

Are there any extra precautions I have to take after receiving my alternative card?

Ensure to maintain your new SASSA card in a secure and impenetrable location. Monitor your account often for any uncommon exercise and file any worries to SASSA promptly.