Fri. Jun 21st, 2024
Most recent upgrade on SASSA Cultivate Care GrantMost recent upgrade on SASSA Cultivate Care Grant

Most Recent Upgrade On Sassa Cultivate Care Grant

Great news: After a delay in January, Sassa began disseminating twofold instalments for the Cultivate Child Allow this week beginning From February to go on . This implies qualified recipients will get both the missed January allow and the customary February instalment in one go.

Sum: The given sum expanded somewhat in February, from R510 to R520 per child per month.

Qualification: Keep in mind, you must be a South African citizen or lasting inhabitant, meet the pay limit, and not be getting other clashing gifts (but the Child Back Give in a few cases) to qualify.

Checking your status: In the event that you’re uncertain about your qualification or instalment status, utilise the Sassa Status Check for February 2024 to affirm your endorsement and instalment dates.

By and large: In spite of the hiccup in January, the Cultivate Child Allow is presently streaming once more, with expanded sums and twofold instalments to address the missed month.

SASSA Cultivate Care Give Sum 2024

The South African Cultivate Child Give got a twofold dosage of great news in February 2024. Not as it were, the month to month sum bump up to R1,130 per child, but the office is additionally issuing twofold instalments this month to account for a January dispersion delay. This implies cultivated caregivers can breathe a moan of alleviation, knowing their significant monetary bolster is back on track and marginally more vigorous than some time recently. Whereas qualification criteria remain the same, double-check your Sassa status to affirm endorsement and cheer – offer assistance for caring for youthful ones in require is streaming again

Most recent upgrade on SASSA Cultivate Care Grant
Most recent upgrade on SASSA Cultivate Care Grant

Sassa Cultivate Care Status Check 2024 Overhaul (as of February 2024)


Method Instructions ProsCons
Online Check Visit Quick and simple – Open 24/7
Requires ID and phone number utilised in application Phone Call Dial 0800 60 10 11
Sassa Offices Visit your closest Sassa office Individual help – May offer extra support

Extra Information:

  • Twofold Instalment: Sassa is issuing twofold instalments this month (February 2024) to account for the January conveyance delay.
  • Instalment Dates: Dates change depending on your application ID. Check your status utilising one of the strategies above.
  • Qualification: Guarantee you meet the qualification criteria some time recently checking your status. Subtle elements accessible on the Sassa site:
  • Keep in mind: Continuously utilise official Sassa channels for precise data and overhauls.

Sassa Cultivate Care Allow Requirements


Who can apply?: South African citizens, changeless inhabitants, or recognized displaced people caring for a cultivated child beneath court order.

  • Child’s age: Beneath 18, or beneath 21 in case still in secondary/high school.
  • Implies test: You must pass an implied test to demonstrate monetary need.
  • Other gifts: Cannot get clashing gifts but Child Bolster Give (in a few cases).
  • Sum: R1,130 per child per month (as of February 2024).
  • Instalment: Ordinarily month to month, but twofold instalments in February 2024 to cover January delay.
  • Checking status: Online, phone (0800 60 10 11), or visit Sassa offices.

Other FAQs:

  • Application: Done annually after the child turns 18, requiring verification of school participation and expanded court order.
  • Allow legitimacy: As it keeps going for the court arrange of the  period. Reestablishments required with court extension.
  • Slipping by give: Can happen in case a child turns 21 (or wraps up school), passes on, is conceded to state institution, or cultivate care/refugee status ends.


These are fairly to speedy subtle elements. Allude to the official Sassa site for full data and upgrades. and visit the official website: