Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

Officially Announced Payment Schedule For SASSA SRD R370 For This Month

Official Announcement by SASSA

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has officially confirmed the payment schedule for the June 2024 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant, now valued at R370.

Payment Dates

Payments commenced on Saturday, June 1st, and will continue through Thursday, June 6th.

Ensuring Continuity Amidst Election Concerns

This announcement comes amidst the backdrop of the upcoming General Election on Wednesday, June 5th, prompting concerns about potential disruptions to the disbursement process.

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Assurance from SASSA

However, SASSA has assured beneficiaries that the election will not impact their payments, with eligible individuals expected to receive their funds on either side of the election date.

“We understand the importance of these grants for many South Africans, especially during this period,” stated a SASSA spokesperson. “We want to reassure all beneficiaries that our systems are in place to ensure timely and efficient payments, regardless of the election.”

Officially Announced Payment Schedule For SASSA SRD R370 For This Month

SRD Grant Process Tracking Application Status

Checking Status and Payment Date

To further alleviate concerns and promote transparency, SASSA encourages beneficiaries to utilize their online portal to check their application status and confirm their payment date. This can be done easily by visiting the official SASSA website.

Response to Increase in SRD Grant

The increase in the SRD grant from R350 to R370, implemented in May, has been welcomed by many as a much-needed relief in the face of rising living costs.

However, some organizations, such as the Universal Basic Income Coalition (UBIC), argue that the increase is insufficient and does not adequately address the needs of vulnerable individuals.


The payment schedule for the June 2024 SRD grant has been confirmed by SASSA, with assurances that the upcoming General Election will not affect the disbursement process. Beneficiaries are encouraged to use SASSA’s online portal to check their application status and payment dates. While the increase in the grant amount has been welcomed, there are calls for further increases to better support vulnerable populations.