Tue. Jun 18th, 2024
Sassa admin clerks

Sassa admin clerks

In a latest flip of events, a big social furnish fraud has been thwarted via a meticulous two-day operation carried out by way of the Hawks, ensuing in the arrest of eleven individuals. Sassa admin clerks Among them had been two former administrative clerks related with the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa). This marks the 2nd occasion of their arrest for enticing in comparable fraudulent activities.

The Sting Operation

The crackdown unfolded in the Tzaneen vicinity over Wednesday and Thursday, following suspicions raised by means of Sassa officials. Lt-Col Matimba Maluleke, spokesperson for the Hawks, disclosed that the accused Sassa officers allegedly orchestrated a scheme wherein contributors of the public have been brought about to observe for incapacity offers below false pretenses of disability.

Recruitment and Fraudulent Scheme

The modus operandi concerned recruiting folks to publish purposes for incapacity grants, no matter missing proper disabilities. Once these purposes have been SASSA processed and approved, the preliminary repayments intended for these illegitimate beneficiaries had been siphoned off to the former clerks as gratification. Subsequently, the unsuspecting beneficiaries persisted to get hold of the grants, oblivious to the fraudulent nature of the scheme.

SASSA Gold Cards and Ensuring Continued Support

Sassa admin clerks
Sassa admin clerks

Detection and Intervention

The scheme used to be finally unearthed by way of vigilant Sassa authorities, prompting them to alert the Hawks. As a result, an investigation was once launched, culminating in the apprehension of the perpetrators. Maluleke printed that the authorities incurred losses exceeding R200,000 due to these deceitful transactions.

Repeat Offenders

Alarmingly, it was once observed that the two former SASSA officials, no matter being formerly arrested in February 2021 for comparable offenses, persisted their illicit things to do whilst out on bail. This revelation underscored the audacity and persistence of the perpetrators in defrauding the system.


The Sassa admin clerks apprehension of the men and women concerned in this fraudulent scheme serves as a testomony to the dedication of regulation enforcement SASSA organizations in combatting social supply fraud. However, it additionally highlights the want for more suitable vigilance and stringent measures to protect in opposition to such nefarious things to do in the future.


How common is social supply fraud in South Africa?

Social provide fraud stays a huge situation in South Africa, with quite a number situations said throughout the country.

What penalties do folks worried in social supply fraud face?

Perpetrators of social provide fraud can face extreme prison consequences, such as hefty fines and imprisonment.

How can residents protect themselves towards falling sufferer to comparable schemes?

Citizens ought to exercising warning when approached to take part in authorities furnish applications and record any suspicious things to do to the applicable authorities.

Are there any ongoing efforts to forestall and observe social provide fraud?

Yes, authorities organizations like Sassa and regulation enforcement our bodies such as the Hawks constantly collaborate to discover and dismantle fraudulent schemes.

What measures can be carried out to enhance the integrity of social supply programs?

Implementing strong verification strategies and conducting normal audits can assist mitigate the threat of fraud inside social provide systems.