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SASSA Allow Changes

In South Africa, millions of allow beneficiaries depend on the South African Social Security Office (SASSA) for monetary bolster. The later 2024 SASSA allow increments, which came into impact on October 1, 2023, point to reduce the challenges confronted amid the merry season and past. Striking changes incorporate higher old-age benefits gifts, an expanded inability give, and alterations to child bolster and cultivate child grants.

This article experiences into the SASSA allow changes in 2024, shedding light on what everybody ought to know on the expanded installments. Studied on and claim your information edge.

What is SASSA Allow 2024

The South African Social Security Office (SASSA) is the government’s social allow organization, dependable for regulating and dispersing social awards to qualified South African citizens. These gifts give monetary help to people and families confronting financial challenges in the frame of month to month pay checks. More than 18 million social gifts are paid to South African beneficiaries, counting Incapacity Awards, R350-SRD Awards, and More seasoned People (Retired people) Grants.

The sums can be pulled back from SASSA’s rental endowments. This sum can moreover be gotten through the coordinate store strategy. These gifts offer assistance beneficiaries meet their essential needs and progress their quality of life, particularly in the confront of rising living costs.

SASSA Allow Changes 2024

Following were the affirmed changes in SASSA Give changes 2024:

Grant Increases:

In October 2023, a few SASSA awards gotten a 5% increment. This includes:

Old Age Allow was expanded for the taking after age brackets with an increment of R10 in each bracket:

  • (60-74 a long time): Expanded from R2070 to R2080.
  • (75+ a long time): Expanded from R2100 to R2110.
  • Child Back Allow: Expanded from R500 to R510with an increment of R10.
  • Foster Child Allow: Expanded from R1120 to R1130with an increment of R10.
  • Child Inability Give: Expanded from R2080 to R2090with an increment of R10.
  • Care Reliance Give: Expanded from R2090 to R2090with an increment of R10.
  • War Veterans Allow: Expanded from R2100 to R2110 with an increment of R10.
  • Grant-In-Aid: Expanded from R500 to R510 with an increment of R10

Some Unaltered SASSA give changes

Social Help Trouble (SRD) Give Expansion: The transitory R350 SRD Allow at first finishing in Walk 2023, was expanded all through 2024. Be that as it may, the sum remains unaltered at R350 per month.

Child Bolster Give Top-Up: The allow sum program, which was finishing in April 2023, has been amplified in 2024. In any case, the sum still remains same at R250 per month.

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Overview of SASSA Give Changes 2024


SASSA Give Changes 2024

Country of Origin

Republic of South Africa 

Regulating body / Department

South African Social Security Organization (SASSA)




Government Help Finance


Financially support:

old age people



war veterans

Applicable persons

Old age, children, crippled and war veterans.

Age Limit

18 – 60 a long time (Depends on each grant.)

Increased Amountin 2024

R250 -R2090 (Depends on each grant.)

Expected Rate increment in 2024


Payment Duration

Every month

New Installment Beginning Month

January 2024


Social benefits | South African Government (

Eligibility Criteria for SASSA Give Changes 2024

Common Qualification Criteria for SASSA Gifts (Pertinent to Different Grants):

Citizenship: Individual must be a South African citizen, changeless inhabitant, or refugee.


For ancient age individuals, age must be 60 a long time or above.

For debilitated ones, age must be between 18-59.


Person ought to be the essential care provider of a child beneath 18 a long time old.

The child (for child-related gifts) and the caregiver must live inside South Africa.

Person shouldn’t be accepting lasting care in a state-funded institution.

Uncommon Qualification Criteria (Particular to Person Grants):

War Veterans Give: Individual ought to be a war experienced by giving verification of armed force, naval force, or discuss constrain ID.

Social Alleviation of Trouble (SRD) Allow: It is for people confronting desperate fabric require due to particular circumstances (e.g., anticipating installment of an affirmed social give, therapeutic unfitness for gainful work, etc.).

Payment Dates for SASSA Give Changes 2024

Payment dates for SASSA allow changes in 2024 remains nearly the same as was in 2023. Installments for the dates coinciding with open occasion will be paid a day some time recently the holiday.

Social Help of Trouble (SRD) Allow (February)

Payments from 23 to 29 February 2024

March Social Alleviation of Trouble (SRD) Grant

Payments from 25 to 29 Walk 2024

How to apply for a SASSA Give in 2024 ?

Applying for a SASSA Grant:

Offline: Visit the closest SASSA office and total the application shape in the nearness of a SASSA officer and keep the dated stamped receipt as verification of application.

Online: Apply through SASSA administrations site. Enroll as a unused client, giving ID number, phone number, and other details.

How To Check the SASSA Allow Status?

To Check the SASSA Allow Status in 2024 , you can utilize the both online & Offline Strategies as specified below.


Visit the SASSA administrations site and enter the credentials.

Click “Submit” to see application status.

The status will demonstrate whether application is pending, endorsed, declined, or other significant statuses.


Check through phone call (0800 601 011), SMS (082 046 8553), Moya app, USSD (12069277#), or at neighborhood SASSA offices.

So All Allow beneficiaries must mindful around the SASSA Allow Changes in 2024 with installment sums & its Qualification to take the benefits of SASSA Awards. For more data you can get in touch with the official websites & Government.