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SASSA Change Phone Number for R350 

SASSA communicates through phone and mail with respect to your installment dates and your SASSA SRD status. Presently, if you changed your past phone number to a modern one or misplaced your sim, you require to alter your phone number on the R350 SASSA Application ASAP.

Changing the phone number will moreover guarantee the accepting of the OTP code, which might not be coming amid ordinary circumstances.

There are two strategies to alter the phone number.

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1. Alter Phone Number Without Application ID

If you don’t have an application ID, you require to begin with to get one.

Start by going to the application status connect of SASSA https://srd.sassa.gov.za/.

First, you will require to enter your SA ID number (it is a 13-digit ID number for South Africans)

In the another field, enter the number you utilized to yield your application.

Done; you will get your application ID.

Now, take after the moment strategy to alter the number after you have got the application ID.

2. Alter Phone Number Utilizing Application ID

If you have your application ID, it would be a bit simple for you to take after the process.

Open the SASSA government points of interest alter connect https://srd.sassa.gov.za/sc19/contact

Enter your ID number

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In the another field, enter your application ID.

Click on Submit

Verify your points of interest. (At this point, you would require to confirm your email.)

In the another exchange, enter the reason for changing the phone number

After that, enter your unused phone number.

Click on Get OTP

You will get the OTP code on your modern number

Once you confirm it, your number will be changed.

If you are attempting to reapply your SRD application for 2024 or attempting to alter any points of interest, you will have to confirm your phone number through an SASSA OTP code. OTP implies a one-time watchword that you more often than not get by means of SMS and is required, but for any reason, you are not getting the message.

Here is how to get the status stick code!

Fix Getting of SASSA OTP PIN/Code

The OTP of SASSA is precisely the same as the OTP you get when you attempt to sign up for Facebook or any other social site.

March SASSA Grant Update

Similarly, for illustration, when you apply for SRD 350 application. You will require the OTP code to finalize it. That’s it. But indeed after different tries, you can’t get the code. Here is how to get it

Get OTP utilising Whatsapp

If you can’t appear to get OTP utilizing SMS, the final resort is utilizing whatsapp. You would require an dynamic web association for that.

Save the SASSA WhatsApp number 082 046 8553 on your phone.

Send a message saying Hi

Sassa will answer to you with a list of options.

Choose four from them.

In the another choice, select “Get OTP Code.”

You will have to give your reference number here.

Click on submit

You will get your SASSA pin.

It is the speediest way to get your OTP utilizing WhatsApp.

If you are reapplying, at that point you might require to enter the OTP code. Presently, if your phone number is inaccurate or you misplaced it, you won’t get the OTP. So, let us see how we can alter the phone number in our SRD R350 application.

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If you are incapable to confirm OTP or alter your phone number, attempt taking after the direct, or it is proposed to visit the closest SASSA office and inquire them to upgrade the number physically from their side. You can too contact SASSA through their toll-free number.