Fri. Jun 21st, 2024
How Do You Check If SASSA R350 Is Approved


SASSA Application Status The South Africa Social Security Agency (SASSA) plays a pivotal role in managing grants and allowances aimed at supporting various demographics in South African society. Among these are grants catering to children, older persons, individuals with disabilities, and notably, the R350 grant introduced during the Covid-19 crisis to provide special relief of distress.

Payment Options

SASSA payments are facilitated through multiple channels, including bank accounts, SASSA cards, Post Offices, and Cash Send, ensuring accessibility for grant recipients to meet their basic needs.

SRD SASSA Application Process

With a significant influx of applications, the SASSA website,, serves as a central hub for various functions. Apart from submitting applications for the R350 grant, applicants can utilize the platform to check their application status and rectify any discrepancies in their information, including banking details.

Appeals Process

In cases where applications are rejected, SASSA offers an appeals process, providing applicants with an avenue to contest decisions. The SRD appeal link enables individuals to lodge appeals against declined applications, thereby ensuring fairness and transparency in the grant allocation process.

Guidelines for Applying for the SASSA R350 Grant

Accessing the Official SASSA SRD Website: Applicants are encouraged to visit the designated SASSA SRD website to initiate the application process.

Preparing Application Details: Essential documents, such as the South African ID number and the mobile number used during the application, should be readily available.

Checking Application Status: Upon accessing the SRD Grant Section on the website, applicants can input their details to check the status of their application.

Understanding Application Status Responses

Application Pending: Indicates that the application is currently under review.

Application Approved: Signifies successful application, with the grant expected to be disbursed soon.

Payment Date Provided: Specifies the anticipated date of grant disbursement.

Application Declined: Indicates that the application was unsuccessful, often accompanied by a reason for the decline.

Application Inactive: This status may occur if the previous month’s grant was not claimed or if there’s a lapse in application.

Appealing a Declined Application

Visiting the SRD Website: Applicants can utilize the appeal tab or link provided on the SRD website to initiate the appeals process.

Submitting Required Information: Relevant details must be furnished for the appeal to be processed effectively.

Regular Updates and Additional Tips

Consistent Monitoring: Applicants are advised to regularly check their application status, particularly if it’s listed as ‘Pending’.

Maintaining Active Communication: It’s crucial to ensure that the mobile number provided during the application process remains active to receive important updates.

Seeking Assistance: For queries or issues, applicants are encouraged to reach out to SASSA through their customer care channels.


Navigating the SASSA grant application process can be simplified by adhering to the outlined guidelines and utilizing the resources provided by SASSA. By maintaining diligence and adhering to the prescribed procedures, applicants can enhance their chances of securing the necessary support during challenging times.