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How to reconfirm SASSA application

Reconfirming your South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) grant application is crucial to maintaining your eligibility and ensuring timely grant distribution. This guide walks you through the steps for updating your application and banking details, checking your application status, and restarting a cancelled application.

Steps to Reconfirm Your SASSA Application

Visit the Official Website: Go to the official SRD SASSA reconfirmation website.

Enter Your Details: Provide your South African ID number and the cell phone number used during your initial application.

Receive OTP: Click on ‘Send SMS’ to receive a One-Time Pin (OTP) via SMS. Enter this OTP on the website for verification.

Check for Active Applications: If there’s no active application to reconfirm, submit a new application.

Read and Agree: Review the SASSA Declaration and Consent Form to confirm your information.

Update Personal Information: Check and update your personal details, contact information, and financial situation, especially banking details.

Submit: After verifying all information, submit the reconfirmation form.

Approval: Wait for SASSA to process and approve your reconfirmed application.

Reconfirming SASSA Banking Details

Having accurate banking details ensures you receive your grant without issues. Follow these steps:

Access the Website: Visit and locate the section for changing banking details.

Enter Your ID: Provide your South African ID number.

Secure Link via SMS: An SMS with a secure link will be sent to your registered phone number.

Update Details: Click the link and follow prompts to confirm and update your banking information.

Submit and Confirm: Submit the changes and wait for confirmation from SASSA.

Checking SASSA Application Status

To check the status of your application:

Visit the Status Website: Go to the official SASSA grant status website.

Enter Required Information: Provide your South African ID number and the cell phone number used during the application.

Submit: Click ‘Submit’ to view your application status.

Appeals: If your application is not approved, follow the instructions provided in the rejection notification to file an appeal with the Department of Social Development.

Restarting Your SASSA Grant Application

If you need to restart a cancelled application:

Go to the Website: Select ‘Reinstate my cancelled application’ on the official website.

Provide Details: Enter your South African ID number and the phone number used for the application.

Verify OTP: Receive and enter the OTP sent to your mobile phone.

Select Reason: Choose the reason for reinstating the grant and confirm your decision.

Tips for a Smooth Reconfirmation Experience

Prepare Necessary Documents: Have all required documents and information ready.

Follow Instructions: Carefully read and follow instructions on the SASSA website.

Monitor Updates: Regularly check your application status and any communications from SASSA.

Quick Details

Step Action
Visit Website Go to the official SRD SASSA reconfirmation website
Enter Details Provide ID number and cell phone number
Receive OTP Click ‘Send SMS’ and enter OTP for verification
Check Active Application Submit new application if no active application is found
Agree to Terms Review and agree to SASSA Declaration and Consent Form
Update Information Update personal, contact, and financial details
Submit Reconfirmation Submit the updated reconfirmation form
Wait for Approval Wait for SASSA to process and approve the reconfirmed application
Update Banking Details Visit to update banking information
Check Application Status Visit the SASSA status website and provide necessary details
Restart Cancelled Application Reinstate cancelled application on the official website


Q: What should I do if I don’t receive the OTP?
A: Ensure your cell phone number is correct and try resending the OTP. If the issue persists, contact SASSA for assistance.

Q: How often should I reconfirm my SASSA application?
A: Reconfirm your application as instructed by SASSA or whenever there are significant changes in your personal or financial situation.

Q: What if my application is rejected?
A: Follow the appeal instructions provided in the rejection notification to file an appeal with the Department of Social Development.

Q: Can I update my banking details at any time?
A: Yes, you can update your banking details whenever necessary through the SASSA website.

Q: What documents do I need for reconfirmation?
A: Have your South African ID, cell phone number, and updated financial information ready.

Final Words

Reconfirming your SASSA application is essential for uninterrupted social grant benefits. Following the steps outlined ensures your information is current, aiding in efficient grant distribution and maintaining eligibility. Regular updates and adherence to SASSA guidelines help secure your social support services.