Wed. Jun 12th, 2024
Sassa Cards Expiry DateSassa Cards Expiry Date

Sassa Cards Expiry Date

Postbank, in a latest announcement, has reassured South African Social Security Agency Sassa Cards Expiry Date social supply beneficiaries that expired Sassa gold playing cards continue to be legitimate for the disbursement of social furnish repayments during 2024. This assertion comes as a alleviation for many beneficiaries who may have been involved about the fame of their expired cards.

Sassa Declaration

In a declaration issued by using Postbank spokesperson, Dr. Bongani Diako, it used to be emphasised that regardless of the expiration popularity of the Sassa gold cards, they will proceed to feature correctly for the receipt of social supply payments. Dr. Diako entreated beneficiaries no longer to heed any recommendation suggesting a exchange of banks due to the expiration of their Sassa gold cards.

Sassa Change Banks:

Dr. Diako highlighted that it is indispensable for Sassa provide beneficiaries to recognize that there is no necessity to change banks simply due to the fact their Sassa gold playing cards have expired. He advised towards misinformation that would possibly advocate otherwise, maintaining that the Sassa gold card stays purposeful at some point of 2024 for the receipt of social provide payments. Furthermore, Dr. Diako emphasized that no entity, together with Sassa officials, holds the authority to dictate which financial institution a beneficiary ought to utilize.

Sassa Cards Expiry Date
Sassa Cards Expiry Date

Reporting Misleading Attempts:

Beneficiaries had been inspired to record any situations the place they are coerced or misled into altering banks below the pretext of expired Sassa gold cards. Dr. Diako pressured that solely Postbank is licensed to substitute Sassa gold cards, and any tries from different entities ought to be suggested immediately. A devoted hotline, 0800 fifty three fifty four 55, has been supplied for beneficiaries to record such incidents promptly.

Sassa Grants

Postbank has ensured that Sassa supply beneficiaries can with no trouble get right of entry to their can provide thru quite a number channels the use of their Sassa gold cards. These channels encompass famous shops such as Boxer, Pick n Pay, Shoprite, Usave, Checkers, and Spar, in addition to any financial institution ATM nationwide. This accessibility ensures that beneficiaries can get admission to their money with ease, irrespective of their location.

Phasing out of Cash Services:

Dr. Diako additionally addressed the phasing out of cash offerings at Post Office branches from January to March 2024. Despite this transition, beneficiaries encountering troubles with misplaced or stolen Sassa gold playing cards can nevertheless go to any Post Office department nationwide to reap a alternative Sassa gold card, consequently making sure uninterrupted get right of entry to to their grants.

Benefits of Sassa Gold Cards:

Sassa gold playing cards come with a vary of advantages designed to beautify the monetary well-being of provide beneficiaries. These advantages encompass three free withdrawals or purchases at taking part shops, as nicely as a free three-month declaration and one free stability enquiry interior a branch. Such advantages intention to reduce needless expenses and make certain that beneficiaries get hold of their full supply amounts.


In conclusion, Dr. Diako reiterated Postbank’s unwavering dedication to facilitating well timed and environment friendly repayments of Sassa promises for all Sassa gold card users. The assurance furnished with the aid of Postbank serves to alleviate worries amongst beneficiaries related to the validity of their expired Sassa gold cards, reaffirming the bank’s dedication to serving the desires of the community.


Can I nevertheless obtain my social supply repayments with an expired Sassa gold card?

Yes, Postbank assures beneficiaries that expired Sassa gold playing cards stay legitimate for 2024 social furnish payments.

Do I want to exchange banks if my Sassa gold card has expired?

No, there is no want to exchange banks due to an expired Sassa gold card. The card stays purposeful for furnish payments.

What need to I do if anybody advises me to exchange banks due to my expired Sassa gold card?

Report such cases without delay to the particular hotline furnished with the aid of Postbank: 0800 fifty three fifty four 55.

Are there any prices related with the usage of a substitute Sassa gold card?

Postbank offers positive advantages with Sassa gold playing cards to reduce costs for beneficiaries, along with free withdrawals and purchases at collaborating shops.

Is Postbank dedicated to making sure uninterrupted get entry to to Sassa grants?

Yes, Postbank reaffirms its dedication to well timed and environment friendly repayments of Sassa can provide for all beneficiaries