Tue. Jun 18th, 2024
Sassa cash pay pointsSassa cash pay points

Sassa cash pay points

The current announcement via Postbank has stirred discussions nationwide as it indicators a massive alternate in the technique of disbursing social grants. From April 2024, Sassa cash pay points beneficiaries will no longer be in a position to withdraw their promises at Post Offices or money pay points. This article delves into the motives at the back of this decision, its affect on beneficiaries, and the response from stakeholders.

Reasons Behind the Phase-Out

The selection to section out money pay factors stems from a number of factors. Among these are the evident lack of ability and the escalating incidents of cash-in-transit heists, which have posed extensive protection dangers to each SASSA beneficiaries and carrier providers. Additionally, advocacy efforts through agencies such as Black Sash have underscored the want for higher accommodation of supply recipients, mainly these in rural areas.

Statistics and Figures

According to the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa), approximately 142,000 SASSA beneficiaries, constituting about 0.8% of all provide recipients, count on money pay points, whilst any other 123,000 accumulate their provides from Post Office branches. Since 2019, the range of money pay factors has faded from 9,671 to 894, reflecting a concerted effort toward transitioning to choice fee methods.

Impact on Grant Beneficiaries

The impending phasing out of money pay factors will certainly have an effect on provide beneficiaries, specially these in rural areas. Accessing gives you will turn out to be greater challenging, with beneficiaries dealing with hurdles such as excessive transport costs, harsh climate conditions, and protection dangers when travelling to choice charge locations. The state of affairs is similarly exacerbated via viable charge delays and the necessity for more than one journeys to get right of entry to SASSA funds.

Sassa cash pay points
Sassa cash pay points

Postbank and Sassa’s Response

In response to these challenges, Postbank and Sassa have emphasised the prioritization of a country wide price machine that helps direct transfers into beneficiaries’ private financial institution bills or Sassa Gold/Postbank accounts. Beneficiaries who presently use money pay factors or Post Office branches are entreated to transition to Sassa Gold Cards or Postbank cards, which can be utilized at any institution accepting financial institution cards.

Advocacy Efforts

The advocacy efforts of companies like Black Sash have performed a pivotal function in highlighting the plight of provide beneficiaries. Black Sash’s documentary, “Broken Promises,” sheds mild on the difficulties confronted through beneficiaries, specifically in rural areas, and underscores the doable repercussions of the phase-out. Statements from Black Sash regional managers emphasize the devastating have an impact on on inclined SASSA communities and the challenges they can also come upon in getting access to choice fee methods.

Transition Plan

Postbank reassures SASSA beneficiaries that the transition will be applied sensibly, with the overarching intention of making sure continuity in repayments whilst prioritizing efficiency, safety, and convenience. The purpose is to mitigate disruptions and grant assist to supply recipients as they adapt to the new price system.


The choice to segment out Sassa cash pay points money pay factors with the aid of April 2024 marks a sizeable shift in the distribution of social provides in South Africa. While aimed at bettering effectivity and security, the go poses challenges for susceptible beneficiaries, specially these in rural areas. It underscores the significance of a coordinated transition diagram and ongoing aid to make certain that no beneficiary is left behind.


Will beneficiaries be supplied with help in the course of the transition period?

Postbank has certain beneficiaries that guide will be on hand to facilitate the transition to choice price methods. 

What measures are being taken to tackle protection issues in the course of the transition?

Stakeholders are working collaboratively to decorate safety measures and mitigate dangers related with the transition. 

How will beneficiaries in faraway rural areas get entry to their can provide except money pay points?

Efforts are underway to discover progressive options to make certain that beneficiaries in faraway rural areas have get admission to to their grants. 

What assist is accessible for beneficiaries experiencing difficulties with the transition?

Beneficiaries going through challenges in the course of the transition are stimulated to attain out to applicable authorities for assistance.

How can beneficiaries continue to be knowledgeable about updates and modifications associated to the transition?

Beneficiaries can continue to be knowledgeable about updates and adjustments via reputable channels such as bulletins from Sassa, Postbank, and applicable authorities departments.