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SASSA Child Grant BalanceSASSA Child Grant Balance

SASSA Child Grant Balance

In state-of-the-art digital age, having access to vital records like your SASSA toddler supply stability has turn out to be extra handy than ever before. Whether you are on the go or at home, there are numerous respectable strategies you can use to test your SASSA Child Grant Balance toddler provide stability shortly and securely.

 SASSA Child Grant Balance through USSD Code

One of the most easy methods to test your SASSA baby furnish stability is via the usage of a USSD code at once from your cell phone. Follow these easy steps:

Dialing the USSD Code

Begin via dialing 1203210# on your phone’s keypad.

Selecting “Balance Enquiry”

Next, pick out alternative 1 for “Balance enquiry” from the menu presented.

Entering ID Number

You’ll then be precipitated to enter your ID number.

Following Prompts

Follow the on-screen prompts to whole the procedure and acquire your SASSA baby supply stability data instantly.

Checking SASSA Child Grant Balance through WhatsApp

WhatsApp has end up a broadly used platform for quite a number communications, along with checking your SASSA infant furnish balance. Here’s how you can do it:

Saving SASSA WhatsApp Number

Save the SASSA WhatsApp quantity eighty two forty six 8553 to your contacts listing on your phone.

Opening a WhatsApp Chat

Open a WhatsApp chat with the saved SASSA number.

SASSA Child Grant Balance
SASSA Child Grant Balance

Sending “Sassa”

Simply ship the phrase “Sassa” to provoke the process.

Responding to Status Inquiry

You’ll acquire a message asking for your status. Reply with “Status” to proceed. If you have a reference number, reply with “Yes” and consist of the number. SASSA will then reply with your infant supply stability information.Before the use of any of the aforementioned methods, there are some fundamental factors to maintain in mind:


Using Registered Mobile Number: Ensure that you use the cellular quantity registered with your SASSA utility to keep away from any troubles with gaining access to your provide balance.

Data Charges: Be conscious that facts fees may also follow when the usage of WhatsApp to test your balance.

Security Measures: For your security, in no way share your ID variety or PIN with every person via WhatsApp or any different platform.


Accessing data about your SASSA baby provide stability does not have to be a hassle. By utilising legit strategies like USSD codes, WhatsApp, and on-line structures supplied via SASSA, you can take a look at your stability shortly and securely from anywhere. Remember to prioritize safety and use the approach that nice fits your preferences and convenience.



Can I test my SASSA infant furnish stability from any cellular phone?

Yes, as lengthy as you have get right of entry to to the registered cell range and observe the legit strategies furnished by way of SASSA.

Are there any costs for checking my stability the usage of USSD codes?

No, USSD codes generally do no longer incur extra expenses past widespread community rates.

What have to I do if I stumble upon an problem whilst checking my balance?

If you stumble upon any difficulties or discrepancies with your SASSA baby supply balance, it is recommended to contact SASSA immediately for assistance.

Can I take a look at my stability the usage of social media systems like Facebook or Twitter?

Currently, SASSA affords respectable strategies for checking provide balances via USSD codes, WhatsApp, their website, or in-person visits to their offices. Social media systems might also no longer be tightly closed or dependable for such touchy information.

Is it protected to share my ID variety thru WhatsApp for stability inquiries?

While SASSA offers legitimate channels for stability inquiries thru WhatsApp, it is critical to exercising warning and by no means share touchy statistics like your ID quantity or PIN with all people to make sure your safety and privacy.