Fri. Jun 21st, 2024


The SASSA Child Support Grant serves as a lifeline for lower-income households, assisting them in meeting the basic needs of their children. Understanding the status of your grant application is crucial for ensuring timely support for your family. In this guide, we provide step-by-step instructions on how to check your SASSA Child Support Grant status online, along with important eligibility criteria and cessation factors.

Checking SASSA Child Support Grant Status Online

To check the status of your Child Support Grant application, follow these simple steps:

Visit the SASSA Status Portal: Navigate to to access the SASSA online portal dedicated to grant applications and status checks.

Enter Required Information: Input the South African ID Number of the child’s parent, guardian, or primary caregiver, along with the cell phone number associated with the grant application.

Submit Your Request: Click the ‘Submit’ button to send your request to the SASSA database for processing.

View Status Results: Once processed, the status of your children’s grant application will be displayed on the portal.

Important Notice: Increased Grant Amount

It’s important to note that the Child Support Grant has been increased to R500, with additional top-ups in recent years. As of 2024, the top-up amount has reached R250, reflecting the government’s commitment to supporting vulnerable families.

Eligibility and Cessation Criteria

Before applying for the Child Support Grant or checking your status, it’s essential to understand the eligibility criteria and cessation factors:

You may not be eligible if you are being paid to look after the child, are not the primary caregiver, or if someone else is already receiving a grant for the child.

Eligibility is determined through a means test assessing asset and income thresholds.

Payments typically begin within three months of approval and are backdated to the date of application.

Grant payments may cease if the child passes away, turns 18, is absent from the country, or is admitted to a state institution. Failure to claim for three consecutive months can also result in cessation.

Contact for Inquiries

For any inquiries regarding SASSA grants, including Child Support, beneficiaries can reach out to SASSA for assistance with the following:

Pay-out dates and qualifying rules.

District office addresses and contact numbers.

Application assistance and reporting instances of fraud or corruption.

How to Check Grant Money

Aside from checking your Child Support Grant status, beneficiaries can also monitor their grant money through various channels:

Mobile USSD: Dial *120*69277# or *120*3210# on your cell phone.

WhatsApp: Send “Sassa” to 082 046 8553 and follow the prompts.

ATM: Use your SASSA Gold Card at any ATM to view your balance.


Ensuring timely access to the SASSA Child Support Grant is vital for the well-being of families across South Africa. By following the steps outlined in this guide and staying informed about eligibility criteria and cessation factors, beneficiaries can navigate the grant application process with confidence and secure the support they need for their children’s future.