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Sassa Easypay Green Card WithdrawelSassa Easypay Green Card Withdrawel

Sassa Easypay Green Card Withdrawel

In current years, the South African Social Security Agency Sassa Easypay Green Card Withdrawel has gone through large changes, affecting how beneficiaries get entry to their grants. While the new SASSA gold card has won prominence, some people nevertheless count number on the SASSA EasyPay inexperienced card. This article serves as a complete information on withdrawing money from your inexperienced card, overlaying quintessential components and supplying precious insights.

SASSA Green Card

The SASSA EasyPay inexperienced card, formally termed EasyPay Everywhere (EPE) card, was once previously the main approach for receiving SASSA grants. Despite the ongoing rollout of the gold card, severa beneficiaries proceed to make use of their inexperienced cards. It’s quintessential to recognize that the inexperienced card stays a legitimate skill of receiving and withdrawing cash as lengthy as the account is active.

Withdrawing Funds

Locate ATMs exhibiting the EasyPay Everywhere or Universal Cash Services (UCS) logo. You can withdraw money the use of your inexperienced card and PIN. However, be conscious of viable charges relying on the ATM provider

Sassa Point Of Sale

Certain shops allow withdrawals at point-of-sale (POS) terminals the usage of your inexperienced card and PIN. Look for shops exhibiting the EasyPay Everywhere or UCS brand at the checkout counter. Keep in idea that transaction costs may also apply.Visit bodily EasyPay Everywhere branches with your card and ID for assisted withdrawals. This choice generally incurs decrease costs in contrast to different methods.

SASSA Gold Card

SASSA encourages beneficiaries to transition to the new gold card due to a range of reasons, which includes doubtlessly decrease expenses and broader accessibility. For small print involving the transition process, go to your nearest SASSA workplace or EasyPay Everywhere branch.

Sassa Easypay Green Card Withdrawel
Sassa Easypay Green Card Withdrawel

Card Expiry 

Your green card aspects an expiry date, commonly printed on the front. Ensure well timed renewal of your card to keep away from carrier disruptions. Contact EasyPay Everywhere for education on the renewal process.

Fees and Charges

Stay knowledgeable about possible charges related with inexperienced card withdrawals, along with ATM withdrawal fees, POS transaction fees, and stability inquiry charges. Being conscious of these costs can assist you control your funds effectively.

Security Measures

Exercise warning to protect your inexperienced card and PIN comparable to any different financial institution card. Avoid sharing your PIN with others and exercise discretion when the usage of your card in public settings.


navigating withdrawals with your SASSA EasyPay inexperienced card requires an appreciation of on hand options, fees, safety measures, and the transition to the gold card. By staying knowledgeable and proactive, beneficiaries can correctly control their provides and monetary transactions.


Can I nonetheless use my SASSA EasyPay inexperienced card even even though the gold card is available?

Yes, the inexperienced card stays valid for receiving and withdrawing money as long as your account is active.

What ought to I do if my inexperienced card is about to expire?

Ensure timely renewal of your card earlier than it expires to keep away from provider disruptions. Contact EasyPay Everywhere for help with the renewal process.

Are there any expenses related with the use of the inexperienced card?

Yes, be conscious of manageable expenses such as ATM withdrawal fees, POS transaction fees, and stability inquiry charges.

How can I decorate the protection of my inexperienced card?

Protect your card and PIN by using heading off sharing your PIN with all of us and exercising warning when the use of your card in public places.

What are the advantages of transitioning to the SASSA gold card?

Transitioning to the gold card may additionally provide advantages such as probably decrease charges and wider accessibility.