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In the realm of South African social welfare, the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) stands as a pivotal institution, providing quintessential help to tens of millions of men and women throughout the country. Understanding the nuances of SASSA Grant, specially the intricacies of price schedules, is necessary for beneficiaries to make sure well timed get admission to to monetary assistance. In this article, we delve into the revised fee dates for SASSA delivers in November, shedding mild on vital records recipients want to know.

Payment Dates Overview

November Payment Schedule

Older Persons Grant: Scheduled for November 2nd.

Disability Grant: Set for November 3rd.

Children’s Grant and Other Grants: Allocated for November 6th.

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R350 Grant Payment Schedule

  • Managed through SASSA, the R350 Social Relief of Distress provide operates on a awesome fee schedule.
  • Unlike everlasting promises with constant price dates, the R350 provide follows a bendy timeline due to month-to-month eligibility verification.

Structured Payment Date System

Payment Date System

  • SASSA has lately carried out a structured fee date machine to supply readability and predictability to supply recipients.
  • This device goals to make sure SASSA beneficiaries are conscious of when their supply money will be accessible for collection.

November R350 Grant Payment Week

  • For November, recipients of the R350 furnish can count on their repayments between the twenty fourth and thirtieth of November.
  • It’s essential for recipients to test their SASSA popularity on the SRD internet site at some stage in this duration to verify the actual fee date.

Checking SRD Grant Application Status

Online Verification Process

Applicants can without difficulty test their SASSA SRD supply software status, payment, balance, or pending utility repute on line at

Phone Verification Method

Alternatively, folks can affirm their SASSA software reputation by means of dialing eighty 060 1011 and supplying their ID number.

Eligibility Criteria 

The scope of the SASSA SRD provide encompasses South African citizens, refugees, asylum seekers, and one of a kind allow holders aged between 18 and 60. Eligibility extends to men and women with a month-to-month profits under R624, missing enough means, now not receiving different social grants, ineligible for UIF payment, and devoid of economic guide from alternate sources.


In conclusion, staying knowledgeable about SASSA Grant charge schedules is paramount for beneficiaries looking for well timed get admission to to economic support. By adhering to the revised charge dates and leveraging reachable sources for verification, humans can navigate the technique seamlessly, making sure uninterrupted help in the course of instances of need.


Are SASSA provide charge dates issue to change?

Yes, whilst SASSA objectives to adhere to particular fee dates, modifications can also show up due to unexpected circumstances. It’s recommended for recipients to remain up to date via legit channels.

Can humans practice for more than one SASSA can provide simultaneously?

Eligible humans can practice for more than one SASSA grants, furnished they meet the respective standards for every supply type.

What ought to I do if I come upon troubles with my SASSA furnish payment?

In case of price discrepancies or issues, beneficiaries must quickly contact SASSA or go to their nearest SASSA workplace for help and resolution.

Is there a restriction to the variety of instances one can get hold of the R350 Social Relief of Distress grant?

The R350 furnish operates in cycles, with eligibility issue to monthly verification. As lengthy as recipients meet the criteria, they can obtain the supply in subsequent cycles.

How can folks replace their non-public statistics with SASSA?

Beneficiaries can replace their non-public small print with SASSA via touring their neighborhood workplace or using on-line structures unique for such updates.