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SASSA Grants of South AfricaSASSA Grants of South Africa

SASSA Grants of South Africa

In South Africa, the South African Social Security Agency SASSA Grants of South Africa presents a variety of supplies to help folks in need. These grants, in contrast to loans, are furnished free of charge, however candidates need to endure an software system and meet precise requirements. In this complete guide, we will discover the exceptional kinds of supplies presented by using SASSA, alongside with their month-to-month quantities and utility procedures.

Types of Grants and Monthly Amounts

Below is a listing of the kinds of can provide supplied by means of SASSA, alongside with their corresponding month-to-month amounts:

SRD Grant

  • Monthly Amount: R350
  • Care Dependency Grant
  • Monthly Amount: R2090
  • Child Support Grant
  • Monthly Amount: R510
  • Foster Child Grant
  • Monthly Amount: R1130
  • Disability Grant
  • Monthly Amount: R2090
  • Grant-In-Aid
  • Monthly Amount: R510
  • Older Persons Grant
  • Monthly Amount: R2090
  • War Veterans Grant
  • Monthly Amount: R2110

SASSA SRD Grant for R350 Application Process

The SASSA SRD (Social Relief of Distress) Grant is furnished to South African residents who meet unique age and socio-economic criteria.SASSA Grants of South Africa This grant, initiated at some stage in the COVID-19 pandemic, has been prolonged till March 2024.

SASSA Application for R350

To observe for the R350 grant, folks need to comply with the SASSA utility procedure outlined on their legitimate website.

Care Dependency Grant

The Care Dependency Grant is designed for persons who require distinct care due to a variety of reasons, together with historical age. For designated data on eligibility and software procedures, refer to our complete guide.

Child Support Grant

This supply is aimed at men and women accountable for the care of kids who require one of a kind attention.SASSA Grants of South Africa To research extra about eligibility standards and the software process, get right of entry to our specific guide.

SASSA Grants of South Africa
SASSA Grants of South Africa

Foster Child Grant

If you are caring for a infant who is no longer biologically yours, you can also be eligible for the Foster Child Grant. Refer to our information for in-depth statistics on eligibility and utility procedures.

Disability Grant

Individuals with disabilities can observe for the Sassa Disability Grant, which affords monetary assistance. Find distinct statistics on eligibility and software techniques in our complete guide.


For humans who are unable to take care of themselves and can’t manage to pay for assistance, the Grant-In-Aid presents economic support. Learn extra about eligibility and software processes thru our distinct guide.

Older Persons Grant

SASSA affords a exceptional supply for aged citizens, helping them with monetary guide and get admission to to old-age homes. Refer to our information for complete facts on eligibility and software procedures.

War Veterans Grant

Former troopers who served in World War II or the Korean War and are unable to assist themselves can observe for the War Veterans Grant. For eligibility standards and utility procedures, go to the respectable SASSA website.

SASSA Application e-Forms 2023

For convenient get right of entry to to software types and resources, refer to the following links:

Sassa r350 Grant Application Form

Declaration Form


Who are SASSA beneficiaries?

Anyone who receives any of the can provide from SASSA is regarded a beneficiary.

What does SASSA stand for?

SASSA stands for South African Social Security Agency.

What SASSA can provide are available?

SASSA affords a variety of grants, consisting of the SRD Grant, Care Dependency Grant, Child Support Grant, and others.

Where does SASSA funding come from?

SASSA is funded by means of the country wide tax income and operates below the Ministry of Social Development.

How can I test my SASSA furnish status?

You can test your supply reputation via the respectable SASSA internet site or by way of contacting their helpline.


SASSA gives you play a imperative position in presenting monetary help to people in want throughout South Africa. By grasp the one of a kind sorts of promises handy and their respective software processes, eligible persons can get admission to the help they require.