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SASSA Installment DatesSASSA Installment Dates

SASSA Installment Dates

Are you holding up for your SASSA installment dates for May? If yes, at that point your long hold up is over presently. SASSA has formally discharged the installment plan for May 2024, and the payment will begin on Friday, 3rd May.

In this article, I will layout the installment dates for each sort of give, counting Ancient Age, Incapacity, Child Bolster, and Social Help of Trouble. Moreover, you will know the allow sum you will get for this month. So, let’s move further.

SASSA Installment Dates for May 2024

The installment dates change depending on the sort of allow you get and your chosen installment strategy, which incorporates bank accounts, vendors, and cash pay focuses. In spite of these things, SASSA makes each exertion to pay your allow on its reported date.

The official installment dates discharged by SASSA for May 2024 are as follows:

Old Age Give Installment Date:

The beneficiaries of the Ancient Age Allow will get their installment on Friday, 3rd May 2024. Any extra gifts connected to your Ancient Age Give, such as Grant-In-Aid, will be paid together.

Disability Allow Installment Date:

The recipients of the Inability Give will be paid on Monday, 6th May 2024. Any other awards related with your incapacity give will be issued together.

Child Bolster, Care Reliance, and Cultivate Care Allow Installment Date:

The recipients of Child Bolster, Care Reliance, and Cultivate Care Gifts will get their installments on Tuesday, 7th May, 2024. The Child Bolster Allow Top-Up sum will be paid together.

SASSA SRD R370 (Already R350) Allow Installment Date:

The installment of the Social Alleviation of Trouble (SRD) give will be dispensed in the final ten days of May 2024. You will require to perform the SASSA Status Check for your correct installment dates.

Follow these dates to get your installment on time. If you get your installment straightforwardly into your bank account, you don’t require to go anyplace to collect it. Fair hold up for the installment date, and it will be kept specifically into your account.

If you get your installment from pay focuses or SASSA-partnered retailers like Shoprite, Boxer, or Choose n Pay, at that point you require to visit the pay point on your installment date.

Here is the table for the installment plan for May 2024:

Grant Type

Payment Date

Old Age Grant

03 May, 2024

War Ingenious Grant

03 May, 2024


03 May, 2024

Disability Grant

06 May, 2024

Child Back Grant

07 May, 2024

Care Reliance Grant

07 May, 2024

Foster Child Grant

07 May, 2024

SRD R350 Grant

07 May, 2024

What are the SASSA Awards Installment Sum for May 2024?

You will get your SASSA give installment sum depending on your give. The real sum for each sort of allow is as follows:

Old Age Give Amount:

The month to month ancient age give sum is R2,180 for beneficiaries between 60 and 74, whereas beneficiaries matured 75 or over get R2,200.

Disability Give Amount:

The Inability Give beneficiaries get R2,180 per month to back their needs.

Child Back Allow Amount:

The Child Bolster Give (CSG) beneficiary gets R530 month to month installment for each child and an extra top-up of R250 per month per child. Collectively, the CSG beneficiaries are paid R780 per month for each child.

Care Reliance Allow Amount:

The recipients of the Care Reliance give get the give sum of R2,180 per month.

Foster Care Allow Amount:

The allow sum for Cultivate Care allow holders is R1,180 per month.

War Veterans Give Amount:

The War Experienced beneficiaries get a month to month allow sum of R2,200 per month.

Grant-in-Aid Amount:

The recipients of Grant-in-Aid get R510 month to month. It would be ideal if you keep in intellect that Grant-in-Aid is advertised as an extra give to as it were qualified Ancient Age, Inability, and War Veterans allow recipients.

Social Alleviation of Trouble (SRD) Allow Amount:

The SRD give beneficiaries get R370 month to month. If you don’t mind note that it was already R350 and was expanded in April 2024 for the to begin with time since its release.

Please survey the taking after table of the month to month allow sums for each sort of grant:

Grant Type

Grant Amount

Old Age Give (60 to 75)


Old Age Give (75 & Above)


Disability Grant


Child Back Grant


War Veterans Grant


Care Reliance Grant


Foster Child Grant




SRD R350 Grant


Please note that the SASSA give sums increment two times each year. Each increment takes put after six months, one in April, and the other increment happens each year in October.

How Can I Collect My SASSA Cash on Installment Date

The SASSA give installments are made utilizing the installment strategy you chosen amid your allow application. There are four essential installment strategies that you can utilize to pull back your SASSA money:

1. Collect By means of Bank Account

If you chosen your installment strategy as a Bank Account whereas applying, at that point you don’t require to go anyplace to collect your give. The give installment will be kept specifically to your bank account on the installment date and you can pull back it any time by going by your bank or from any ATM.

2. SASSA Collaborated Dealers & PayPoints

If you chosen to get your installment by means of one of the SASSA-Partnered vendors or a particular pay point, such as Shoprite, Choose n Pay, or Boxer, you will require to visit that specific vendor on the installment date to collect your grant.

3. Collect Through SASSA Card

If you are an SASSA cardholder and chosen it as your installment strategy, the give installment will be consequently stored to your SASSA card on the installment date. You can pull back it at any time by going by any shipper or ATM.

4. SASSA Post Office

If you chosen the SASSA post office department as your pay point, you will require to visit the post office on the installment date to collect your give. It would be ideal if you note that the Post Office strategy is accessible for all SASSA give beneficiaries but SRD allow holders.

What Components Can Influence SASSA Installment Dates?

SASSA points to adhere to its installment plan, but a few variables can alter the dates occasionally:

Public Occasions: SASSA considers open occasions when deciding installment dates and makes alterations appropriately. If a installment date coincides with a open occasion, SASSA will reschedule it for the going before or taking after day.

Weekends: SASSA considers ends of the week when setting installment dates. If a installment date falls on a end of the week, it will be balanced to the closest weekday.

Unforeseen Circumstances: SASSA may reexamine the installment dates in case of unforeseen occasions such as specialized glitches or common disasters.

Administrative Changes: SASSA might alter installment dates due to any authoritative overhaul. In spite of the fact that they continuously attempt to keep things smooth, now and then they require to make changes. If dates alter, they will declare unused dates quickly.


So, the SASSA Installment Dates for May 2024 have been formally discharged, and the dispensing will begin on May 3rd. Whether you’re getting an Ancient Age Inability, Child Back, or Social Alleviation of Trouble give, it’s fundamental to note the particular installment dates to get your installment on time.

You ought to too be mindful of the correct sum you’ll be accepting and how it will be conveyed, whether it’s kept straightforwardly into your bank account, stacked onto your SASSA card, or accessible at assigned pay points.

Please too be mindful of potential delays due to open occasions, ends of the week, or unanticipated circumstances. SASSA will communicate any changes through its official channels only.


What are the SASSA installment dates for May 2024?

The installment dates for May 2024 change depending on the sort of allow you get, with payment beginning from May 3rd.