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SASSA Now Experiencing A Major Backlog With R350 GrantsSASSA Now Experiencing A Major Backlog With R350 Grants

SASSA Now Experiencing A Major Backlog With R350 Grants

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has been at the forefront of offering help to inclined communities, in particular for the duration of instances of crisis. However,SASSA Now Experiencing A Major Backlog With R350 Grants current reviews point out a huge backlog in processing purposes and inquiries associated to the Special Relief Distress (SRD) Grant of R350.

SASSA’s SRD Grant: A Brief Overview

Introduced for the duration of the lockdown period, the SRD provide aimed to supply much-needed monetary assist to people going through monetary hardships. Despite its noble intentions, the implementation of the provide has encountered quite a few challenges, main to a backlog in administrative processes.

Administrative Challenges

SASSA officers admitted to dealing with a multitude of administrative hurdles in managing the SRD grant. These challenges have resulted in delays and frustrations for each candidates and beneficiaries.

Unattended Claims and Calls

Disturbingly, reviews disclose that a spectacular variety of electronic mail claims—approximately 300,000—are but to be addressed through SASSA. Additionally,SASSA Now Experiencing A Major Backlog With R350 Grants the company receives an overwhelming 4,000 unanswered telephone calls on a day by day basis, exacerbating the backlog issue.

Proposed Solutions

To mitigate the backlog crisis, SASSA plans to put into effect a devoted name middle tasked with addressing 90% of e mail claims and 80% of incoming calls. While this initiative is a step in the proper direction, its effectiveness stays to be seen.

SASSA Past Efforts and Expenses

Ironically, SASSA had until now invested tens of millions in bettering its structures to keep away from such predicaments. In 2018, the Department of Social Development allotted R2.5 million in the direction of addressing administrative shortcomings inside SASSA. However, no matter these investments, the modern backlog persists, elevating questions about the efficacy of previous endeavors.

SASSA Now Experiencing A Major Backlog With R350 Grants
SASSA Now Experiencing A Major Backlog With R350 Grants

SASSA’s Managing Of The SRD grant.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has been vocal in its criticism of SASSA’s managing of the SRD grant. According to the DA’s Shadow Minister, Bridget Masango, enormous dollars have been allotted toward reviewing SASSA’s commercial enterprise model. Masango laments that had SASSA heeded the recommendation provided, prone South Africans ought to have skilled smoother provide disbursements.

 SASSA Change Payment Methods

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, SASSA is encouraging SRD provide recipients to choose for financial institution account payments. An on-line platform has been made reachable for beneficiaries to replace their price preferences for the duration of a distinct period.

Scheduled Period for Payment Method Changes

Beneficiaries have from Monday, 31 August 2020, to Sunday, 06 September 2020, to replace their fee preferences. This 24-hour window ambitions to streamline the price method and decrease delays.

SASSA  Accurate Information

SASSA CEO, Totsie Memela, emphasizes the importance of supplying correct banking details. Incorrect statistics may want to lead to in addition delays in disbursing funds,SASSA Now Experiencing A Major Backlog With R350 Grants hindering the agency’s efforts to alleviate monetary pressure amongst beneficiaries.


In conclusion, the backlog in processing R350 offers has underscored the want for greater environment friendly administrative mechanisms inside SASSA. While efforts are being made to tackle the backlog, it stays fundamental for the corporation to analyze from previous experiences and prioritize the welfare of inclined communities.


Why is SASSA experiencing a backlog with R350 grants?

SASSA has encountered administrative challenges and an overwhelming extent of claims and inquiries, contributing to the backlog.

What steps is SASSA taking to unravel the backlog?

SASSA plans to set up a committed name middle to tackle electronic mail claims and smartphone inquiries greater efficiently.

How can beneficiaries expedite the charge process?

Beneficiaries are advised to replace their charge preferences on-line for the duration of the distinctive duration to make certain well timed disbursement of funds.

What was once the consequence of previous investments in enhancing SASSA’s systems?

Despite previous investments, the cutting-edge backlog persists, prompting worries about the efficacy of preceding initiatives.

When will the Special Relief Distress Grant expire?

The SRD supply is set to expire in October 2020, highlighting the urgency of resolving the backlog to make sure all eligible beneficiaries obtain assistance.