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SASSA Old Age GrantSASSA Old Age Grant

SASSA Old Age Grant

Living on the SASSA Old Age Grant historical age supply of simply R1,990 per month in South Africa gives a ambitious challenge. For many aged citizens, this meager allowance barely scratches the floor of their economic needs. With little respite even from the extra R20 granted to these aged seventy five or older, existence turns into an ongoing struggle for survival. Let’s discover some techniques and options for making ends meet on this modest stipend.

SASSA Savings for Retirement

During their lively employment years, most people did now not earn enough earnings to help their families, let by myself put away SASSA financial savings for retirement. This lack of monetary coaching exacerbates the hostilities throughout historical age.

Reliance on Family Support

A astonishing 47% of SASSA South Africa’s pensioners need to matter on monetary help from their households or buddies to meet their fundamental needs, reflecting the acute inadequacy of the kingdom pension.

Affordable Housing Solutions

Affordable lodging emerges as a urgent situation for aged citizens. Living with grown-up young people or pals might also provide possibilities for decreased or rent-free dwelling arrangements, lightening the monetary burden.

Challenges Faced via the Homeless Elderly

For aged men and women except familial support, securing lodging will become a daunting task. Organizations like Tafta witness a regular inflow of lodging requests from inclined seniors, highlighting the pressing want for intervention.

Strategies for Financial Survival

Pooling assets via shared residing preparations can extensively alleviate monetary strain. Seniors are influenced to discover preferences such as renting out spare rooms or taking part with friends to cowl expenses.

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SASSA Old Age Grant
SASSA Old Age Grant

Skills and Expertise

Retired men and women possess a wealth of information and abilities that can be monetized. From imparting tutoring offerings to leveraging innovative abilities for entrepreneurship, there are a range of avenues for producing supplemental income.

Seniors Through Entrepreneurship

Recognizing the untapped practicable of aged entrepreneurs, initiatives like the collaboration between Tafta and GIEE purpose to foster entrepreneurship amongst seniors. Through SASSA workshops and mentorship programs, elders are geared up with the equipment to launch small businesses.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities

From culinary ventures to crafts and on line commerce, seniors can discover various commercial enterprise possibilities tailor-made to their hobbies and abilities. These ventures now not solely furnish extra earnings however additionally promote social engagement and empowerment.

SASSA Grant Eligibility

Contrary to frequent misconceptions, incomes supplemental earnings does now not always disqualify people from receiving the SASSA grant. Seniors can earn up to R7,190 per month whilst nonetheless ultimate eligible, supplied their belongings fall under a certain threshold.

Promoting Through Entrepreneurship

Initiatives like the Tafta entrepreneurship software no longer solely provide economic assist however additionally make a contribution to the usual health of seniors. By fostering a feel of reason and neighborhood engagement, these applications fight social isolation and beautify nice of life.

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In conclusion, whilst residing on a SASSA Old Age Grant historical age provide gives ambitious challenges, seniors can undertake proactive techniques to increase their earnings and enhance their excellent of life. By leveraging present resources, exploring entrepreneurial opportunities, and gaining access to assist programs, aged residents can navigate economic constraints with resilience and determination.


Can I earn extra profits whilst receiving the SASSA historical age grant?

Yes, folks can earn up to R7,190 per month and stay eligible for the grant, furnished their property meet the stipulated criteria.

What are some workable commercial enterprise thoughts for aged entrepreneurs?

Elderly entrepreneurs can discover a range of ventures such as catering, tutoring, handicrafts, and on-line commerce, capitalizing on their abilities and interests.

How can shared residing preparations alleviate economic stress for seniors?

Sharing lodging and costs with household or friends can considerably minimize residing costs, supplying seniors with much-needed monetary relief.

What aid offerings are accessible for homeless aged individuals?

Organizations like Tafta provide lodging help and assist offerings for susceptible seniors going through homelessness.

How does entrepreneurship make a contribution to the well-being of seniors?

Entrepreneurship packages no longer solely provide monetary help however additionally promote social engagement, empowerment, and a experience of cause amongst seniors.