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SASSA Payment Dates for Disability Grant in June

10 Benefits of Joining a Stokvel for SASSA Grant Beneficiaries

for Disability Grant in June 2024


SASSA Payment Dates The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) offers the Disability Grant to help people with disabilities who can’t work. Knowing when the payments are due is important for managing finances well.

Types of Grants

SASSA offers two kinds of Disability Grants:

Permanent Disability Grant:

Given to people whose disabilities will last over a year.

Temporary Disability Grant:

Given to people whose disabilities will last between 6 months and a year, with a chance of renewal.

How to Apply for the SASSA Child Support Grant Online in 2024

Meeting the Basic Requirements

To get a SASSA Disability Grant, you must:

  • Be a South African citizen, permanent resident, or refugee.
  • Be between 18 and 59 years old.
  • Not be getting full-time care in a state institution.
  • Not already be getting another social grant in your name.
June 2024 Payment Dates for SASSA Social Grant

Disability Assessment

You’ll need a doctor approved by SASSA to assess your disability. This is to confirm you have a severe disability that stops you from working for at least a year (for a permanent grant). SASSA Payment Dates

Means Test

You must pass the SASSA means test, which looks at your income and assets to see if you need financial help.

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SASSA Payment Dates for Disability Grant

The Disability Grant gives monthly money to disabled people who pass the tests. In June 2024, the grant is R2100 per month. Here are the payment dates for June and the coming months:

Month Payment Date
June 2024 05/06/2024
July 2024 03/07/2024
August 2024 05/08/2024
September 2024 04/09/2024
October 2024 03/10/2024

Safety Tips for Collecting Your Grant

Be Aware of Payment Dates:

Know when you’ll get paid so you can plan when to collect your money.

Verify Your Cellphone Number:

Make sure your phone number is right in case SASSA needs to confirm something.

10 Benefits of Joining a Stokvel for SASSA Grant Beneficiaries

Choose Safe Locations:

Collect your money from safe places like police stations or secure shops.

Consider Company:

If you can, go with someone you trust when collecting your money.

Be Discreet:

Don’t show off how much money you’ve got.

Protect Your PIN:

Keep your PIN secret when using ATMs or cards.

Secure Your Funds:

Keep your money safe. Think about opening a bank account if you don’t have one.

Beware of Scams:

Don’t give your ID, PIN, or bank details to anyone promising to help you get more money.

Report Suspicious Activity:

Tell SASSA or the police if you think something fishy is going on with your grant.

By following these tips, you can collect your SASSA Disability Grant safely and avoid problems. It’s important to manage your money well to make it last until the next payment. SASSA Payment Dates

Understanding when you’ll get paid and how to keep your money safe is crucial for anyone receiving the SASSA Disability Grant. With the right precautions, beneficiaries can make the most of this support and focus on improving their lives.

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