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SASSA Payment Dates for May 2024

SASSA Payment Dates for May 2024

Overview of SASSA Payment Schedule

SASSA has unveiled the payment dates for various grant categories, encompassing old age, disability, children’s grants, and more for May 2024. This follows the release of the payment schedule for the 2024/25 financial year.

Understanding the Grant Payment Order

Grant payments are structured in a specific order, with the first week of the month allocated for elderly, child, and disability grant disbursements. Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant recipients are prioritized initially, followed by other grant beneficiaries. SASSA Payment Dates for May 2024

Financial Support: SASSA Grants in South Africa Update 2024

May 2024 Payment Dates

  • Older Persons or Pensioners Grants: Monday, 3 May 2024
  • Disability Grants: Wednesday, 5 May 2024
  • Children’s and all other Grants: Thursday, 6 May 2024

Increase in Permanent SASSA Grants

Permanent social grants have witnessed an increase to align with inflation and improve accessibility:

  • Old age, war veterans, disability, and care dependency grants see a R100 increment, divided into R90 effective from April and R10 effective from October.
  • The foster care grant receives a R50 increase.
  • The child support grant experiences a R20 raise.
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Contact Information for Queries

For any inquiries or assistance, individuals are encouraged to reach out to SASSA directly:

Additional Resources and Support

SASSA offices across the country are available to provide further assistance. Visit their offices or contact them via the provided details.

Sharing Feedback and Information

For additional information or to share insights, feel free to contact us via email at or call us at 083 625 4114.

SASSA Disability & Care Dependency Grants Details

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