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SASSA Payment DatesSASSA Payment Dates


SASSA Payment Dates

In South Africa, the Social Security Agency (SASSA) performs a critical function in assisting deprived men and women via presenting economic useful resource thru more than a few gives you and allowances. SASSA Payment Dates Whether it is the Older Persons/ Pensioners Grant, Disability Grant, or different types of assistance, SASSA ensures that these in want get hold of well timed support. Understanding the price dates for these provides is necessary for beneficiaries and their households to diagram their funds effectively.

Importance of SASSA Payment Dates

Knowing the fee dates for SASSA promises is integral for beneficiaries as it lets in them to expect when they will get hold of economic assistance. This expertise allows SASSA beneficiaries to graph their expenses, make sure they have get right of entry to to indispensable resources, and keep away from useless stress or uncertainty about their finances.

SASSA Payment Schedule for 2024

Here is a breakdown of the SASSA charge time table for the first three months of 2024:

January 2024

Older Persons/ Pensioners Grant: Wednesday, three January

Disability Grant: Thursday, four January

All different Grants: Friday, 5 January

February 2024

Older Persons/ Pensioners Grant: Friday, two February

Disability Grant: Monday, 5 February

All different Grants: Tuesday, 6 February

March 2024

Older Persons/ Pensioners Grant: Tuesday, 5 March

Disability Grant: Wednesday, 6 March

All different Grants: Thursday, 7 March

SASSA Grants and Amounts

Understanding the unique sorts of SASSA offers and the eligibility standards is fundamental for these looking for economic assistance. Here are some of the key delivers supplied through SASSA.


The Social Relief Distress SASSA Grant SRD targets to aid South African Citizens, Asylum Seekers, Refugees, and Special Permit Holders aged between 18 and 60 who are in dire need. Qualifying people get hold of R350 per month to alleviate economic distress.

SASSA Payment Dates
SASSA Payment Dates

Child Support Grant

Families dealing with economic difficulties can follow for the SASSA Child Support Grant to acquire economic help in elevating their children. Depending on the caregiver’s repute and means, they can acquire up to R750 per month for every child.

Disability Grant

Individuals with bodily or intellectual disabilities that stop them from working for prolonged intervals can follow for the Disability Grant. The furnish quantity varies based totally on the severity and length of the disability, with a most payout of R2,080 per month.

SASSA Pensioners Grant 

Elderly men and women aged 60 and above, who are no longer in a position to work, can acquire the Pensioners SASSA SRD Grant. The supply quantity levels from R2,080 to R2,100 per month, relying on the recipient’s age.

Payment Amounts and Dates

It’s essential to word that the fee quantities referred to above are based totally on the data reachable as of June 2023 and are problem to alternate yearly in April and October. Additionally, SASSA beneficiaries receiving Older Persons/ Pensioners Grant or Disability Grant can also get hold of their repayments a day or two beforehand than different furnish recipients.


Understanding the SASSA Payment Dates and the a number promises on hand is quintessential for beneficiaries to manipulate their price range effectively. By staying knowledgeable about charge schedules and eligibility criteria, men and women can make sure they acquire the monetary help they want when they want it most.


How can I practice for a SASSA grant?

To practice for a SASSA grant, you can go to your nearest SASSA workplace or observe on-line thru the respectable SASSA website.

Can I obtain greater than one SASSA grant?

In some cases, men and women may additionally be eligible for a couple of SASSA grants, relying on their instances and needs. However, every supply has particular eligibility standards that ought to be met.

Will the supply quantities trade in the future?

Yes, SASSA provide quantities are challenge to alternate yearly in April and October. It’s integral to remain up to date with the modern day data from SASSA concerning furnish quantities and eligibility criteria.

What need to I do if I have not obtained my SASSA price on the scheduled date?

If you have not acquired your SASSA charge on the scheduled date, you need to contact SASSA right away to inquire about the fame of your price and get to the bottom of any issues.

Can I nominate anyone to accumulate my SASSA fee on my behalf?

Yes, you can nominate a depended on person to accumulate your SASSA price on your behalf through imparting them with a letter of authorization and a replica of your ID.