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Sassa Payouts Dates For March 

More seasoned Person’s Allow: Paid from Tuesday, Walk 5, 2024.

Incapacity Allow: Paid from Wednesday, Walk 6, 2024.

Child Bolster Give, Cultivate Child Give, Care Reliance Allow: Paid from Wednesday, Walk 7, 2024.


Grant Name Payout Date
Older Person’s Grant Tuesday, March 5, 2024
Disability Grant Wednesday, March 6, 2024
Child Support Grant, Foster Child Grant, Care Dependency Grant Wednesday, March 7, 2024

Please note that the SRD R350 Grant payout date is an estimate and the actual date may vary. It is always best to check with SASSA for the most up-to-date information.

Payouts are still up and coming

SRD R350 Allow: Instalments are anticipated between Walk 25th and 29th, 2024.It’ vital to note that it can take two to three commerce days for the stores to reflect in your bank account after the installment date.

For the foremost up-to-date data, you’ll be able the SASSA site ( or their official social media channels.

Will SASSA SRD Pay This Month 

Sassa psu payment dates 

The term “PSU” isn’t commonly utilized in reference to SASSA installments. It’s conceivable you can be alluding to one of the following:

Payouts Plan Overhaul

There are no later upgrades with respect to critical changes to the common SASSA installment plan for standard gifts just like the Person’s Give, Inability Give, and Child Bolster Give. These ordinarily take after the plan of installments beginning at the starting of each month. You’ll discover the current schedule on the SASSA site ( South Coast Kzn

Particular Give Overhaul

In the event that you’re asking around a particular SASSA allow just like the Social Help of Trouble (SRD) allow, you’ll discover the most recent upgrades on the SASSA site or their social media channels.

For the R350 SRD allow, the most recent upgrade is that installments are anticipated between Walk 25th and 29th, 2024.


It’s conceivable “PSU” alludes to something else completely disconnected to SASSA installments. In case you have got setting or clarification on what “PSU” stands for in this setting, I may well be to help you better.

Incapacity Grant sum:

Here’s the most recent news approximately the inability give sum in South Africa:

Current Sum: The inability grant amount is as of now R1990 per month.

Potential Increment: There’s talk around a conceivable increment to the inability give in line with the rising cost of living, but there has been no official affirmation, or reported date for it to require effect.

Sassa District Offices

Where to find the most recent overhauls? 

SASSA site: The South African Social Security Organization (SASSA) website is the foremost dependable source for official announcements about allow sums. Visit their site routinely:

News outlets: Trustworthy news outlets centering on South Africa regularly carry news around potential changes in give amounts.

Imperative Note: Indeed in the event that the allow amount might increment, keep in mind the qualification criteria for the incapacity allow are strict to guarantee as it were those with extreme incapacities can get to support.

SASSA contact details:


Toll-free: 0800 60 10 11



Sassa Distress Grant Payment Date


You can discover territorial SASSA office contact subtle elements, counting phone numbers and addresses, on their site:

Final words 

It’s best to utilize the official SASSA site or contact points of interest to induce the most up-to-date and solid data.


Where can I discover the most recent SASSA payout dates?

The foremost dependable source for SASSA payout dates is the official SASSA website: You’ll be able discover them on the SASSA social media pages or trustworthy news outlets centering on South Africa.

How frequently are SASSA awards paid?

Most SASSA gifts, just like the Person’s Grant, Disability Allow, and Child Bolster Give, are paid monthly.The SRD R350 Allow incorporates a partitioned installment plan, as a rule disbursed every few months.

What are the typical SASSA payout dates for each month?

Installments ordinarily happen inside the primary few days of each month. In any case, the precise date might shift marginally depending on the particular allow and regulatory forms.