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SASSA PensionSASSA Pension

SASSA Pension

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA), established in 2005, administers social assistance to vulnerable groups in South Africa, including the elderly, disabled, and children. SASSA offers pensions to individuals over 60 who need financial support and provides other grants such as the Child Support and Disability Grants. However, recipients can be excluded from receiving the pension if they fail to comply with certain requirements.

Top 5 Reasons for Exclusion from SASSA Pension

1. Residency Status

One of the primary reasons for exclusion from the SASSA pension is residency status. If a recipient is no longer permanently residing in South Africa, they may lose their eligibility for the pension.

2. Residency in State Institutions

Living in a state institution, such as a government-run hospital or rehabilitation center, can also result in exclusion from the SASSA pension program. This is because these institutions often provide the support that the pension is intended to cover.

3. Receiving Other Social Grants

Recipients of other social grants may be excluded from the SASSA pension program. If you begin receiving payments from another social grant program, you may no longer be eligible for the SASSA pension.

4. Exceeding the Income Threshold

The SASSA pension program has strict income thresholds. For 2024, if your annual income exceeds R86,280 (for single individuals) or R172,560 (for married couples), you may be excluded from receiving the pension. SASSA Pension South Africa

5. Exceeding the Asset Threshold

Similarly, exceeding the asset threshold can lead to exclusion from the SASSA pension program. If your assets are worth more than R1,227,600 (for single individuals) or R2,455,200 (for married couples), you may no longer qualify for the pension.

SASSA SRD R350 Changes for 2024

SASSA regularly reviews beneficiaries’ eligibility to ensure they still meet the criteria for assistance. If SASSA determines that a recipient no longer meets the requirements, they will notify the individual. Recipients have 90 days to appeal the decision to the Department of Social Development. Old Age Homes for SASSA Pensioners

SASSA Pension
SASSA Pension

What is Considered Income for SASSA?

Private Pension

Income from private pension schemes, whether from previous employment or personal savings, counts as income. This includes regular payments and one-time withdrawals.

Earnings from Work or Business

Money earned from employment or running a business also counts as income. This includes part-time, full-time, and freelance work.

Financial Assistance from Friends, Relatives, or Children

Regular financial support from friends, family members, or children is considered income. This includes any monetary contributions to living expenses.

Rental Income

Income earned from renting out property or land is included in the means test. This applies to both residential and commercial properties.

Government Compensation

Payments from government sources other than SASSA grants, such as the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), Road Accident Fund (RAF), and Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act (COIDA) benefits, are considered income.

Investments and Shares

Earnings from investments such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other financial assets that can be liquidated for cash are included in the income assessment.

SASSA May 2024 Payment Dates

For May 2024, individuals over 60 years of age will receive R2,180, while those aged 75 and above will receive R2,200. Payments are scheduled to be released on Friday, May 3, 2024. Bank deposits may take 2-3 days to reflect in beneficiaries’ accounts.

Quick Details

Criteria Details
Residency Status Must be a permanent resident of South Africa.
State Institution Residency Exclusion if living in a state institution.
Other Social Grants Cannot receive other social grants simultaneously.
Income Threshold Max R86,280 (single) / R172,560 (married).
Asset Threshold Max R1,227,600 (single) / R2,455,200 (married).
Pension Amount R2,180 (age 60+) / R2,200 (age 75+).
Payment Date May 3, 2024.
Bank Deposit Delay 2-3 days for bank deposits to reflect.


What happens if I disagree with SASSA’s decision to exclude me?

You have 90 days to appeal the decision to the Department of Social Development.

What counts as income for SASSA’s means test?

Income includes private pensions, earnings from work or business, financial assistance from friends or family, rental income, government compensation, and earnings from investments and shares.

Can I receive SASSA pension if I live outside South Africa?

No, permanent residency in South Africa is a requirement for receiving the SASSA pension.

What should I do if my assets exceed the threshold?

If your assets exceed the threshold, you may no longer be eligible for the SASSA pension. You can seek financial advice to understand your options.

When will the May 2024 pension payments be made?

Payments will be released on May 3, 2024, and may take 2-3 days to reflect in bank accounts.

Final Word

Understanding the reasons for exclusion from the SASSA pension program is crucial for maintaining your benefits. Stay informed about the eligibility criteria and ensure compliance to continue receiving the support you need.