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SASSA R350 Cardless Withdrawal In FebruarySASSA R350 Cardless Withdrawal In February

SASSA R350 Cardless Withdrawal In February

The bother of long lines at post bank branches for card substitution is tiring. And on the off chance that you disregard your card at home or lose it, you’ll now not profit of your allow. But presently you’ll take off those stresses behind as the SASSA R350 cardless withdrawal is here.Check SASSA Disability Grant Status Online 

The prepare can be precarious for those who are new with it. You will have a part of questions and perplexity in your intellect with respect to this system.

Rest guaranteed, here you’re secured with a total direct to profit of your SASSA cardless cash withdrawal.

Things required for cardless withdrawal

Don’t disregard to get ready these things some time recently picking for cardless withdrawal.

Candidates have their cellphone numbers gone through the Direction of Capture attempts of Communications and Arrangement of Communication-related Data Act (Rica) process.Change SRD Phone Number

Have their ID card. 

Keep in mind the SASSA/Postbank gold card pin.

How to withdraw cash without a SASSA Card?

You need to dodge the burden related to the SASSA card but don’t know how to do cardless withdrawals. Don’t stress; we’ve got your back. SASSA R350 cardless withdrawal office can be profited through these two basic and simple methods.


SASSA has restored the SASSA SRD R350 awards installments utilizing Cash Send or E-Wallet as a installment method.

Visit the official website:

Scroll down until you find the alternative. 

How do I alter my bank details?

Give your RICA phone number and ID card number.

Take the steps to alter your installment method.SRD Sassa Application

Affirmed candidates may pull back their awards from a accomplice bank’s ATM without a charge card.

Utilising OTP:

Another direct way to pull back your SASSA cash is through Elective installment pick-up focuses. These pick-up focuses incorporate a list of six government-chosen retail stores.

Go to your nearest pick-up store.

Deliver your OTP and ID card at the counter.

And they will donate you your grant money and check your installment as gotten within the system.

Why SASSA R350 Cardless Withdrawal?

Card lost:

Tragically, you have got your card. You’re in a freeze since you’re in dire require of a allow. Announcing to the police station and applying for card substitution is exceptionally time-consuming.

You’ll be at ease after knowing you’ll be able of the cardless withdrawal option.

Card expired:

In case your SASSA card is terminated and you don’t need to hold up in long lines for hours to get a modern card, at that point cardless withdrawal is the leading option.How To Track SRD Grant Application For March

SASSA R350 Cardless Withdrawal In February
SASSA R350 Cardless Withdrawal In February

Solution for Cardless Withdrawal

In case you are doing like this modern withdrawal framework and need to take after the conventional strategy to withdraw your give, apply for a modern card or card replacement.

Unused card:

You can apply for a unused card by going by the closest post office or by phone at SASSA helpline 0800 600 160. You moreover have the alternative of an internet application at the SASSA site. 

Card replacement:

It is basic to report misplaced card substitution to SASSA so that you simply proceed profiting your money related support.

Report your misplaced SASSA card:

Visit the closest SASSA office and give them with the desired documents.

Total your application frame and yield it 

You will be informed almost the entry of your card through SMS.

What is SASSA’s cashless instalment system?

Cashless ATMs serve as extra installment focuses for SASSA social gifts. Different cashless ATM gadgets have been introduced inside the township, rustic areas’ dealers, and spaza shops.

It will offer assistance individuals to avail money related administrations close their homes. SASSA’s cashless installment framework is very straightforward to use.

Embed your SASSA card interior the ATM card slot.

Utilise your Stick to start the transaction.

Select an sum that you crave to debit.

On fruitful charge, you’ll get two slips ( a merchant’s and a customer’s slip).

Hand over the shipper slip to the spaza shop, and in trade, you’ll be able money or buy the merchandise equal to the esteem of your withdrawal.


SASSA has given different administrations and choices to maintain a strategic distance from the bother of beneficiaries.

Individuals have profited since of the SASSA R350 cardless withdrawal framework. After perusing the article, we trust you’re not befuddled almost the R350 grant’s cardless withdrawal.

FAQs (Habitually Inquired Questions)

Can I collect my SRD gifts without SMS?

No, you must receive the SMS. Something else, reserves will not be allocated.

Can I send somebody on my behalf to gather my R350 grant?

Picking to have somebody collect your SASSA grant on your sake can either be due to sick wellbeing or ancient age, and the result can be a deferred allow or passed give installment, which can be obliterating. Luckily, SASSA offers a arrangement through the arrangement of a SASSA procurator.

Can I pull back the SASSA give from Standard Bank?

Yes, Standard Bank clients can pull back cash from any ATM within the industry at R10 per R1000 drawn.