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SASSA R350 Give Personality Confirmation Fizzled [Settle it]SASSA R350 Give Personality Confirmation Fizzled [Settle it]

SASSA R350 Give Personality Confirmation Fizzled [Settle it]o2024

It’s difficult in case you aren’t able to get what you merit. In case you got SASSA R350 Give Personality Confirmation Fizzled status since of off-base personality, such as Title, surname, or bank account points of interest, then you may not be able to get give payment.


 “In case of off-base contact data, recipients will not get payment,”

Specialists said. This authorities’ explanation clearly appears they are super strict with give payments. In the event that you don’t know what to do another, this article is for you. We have compiled all the essential data, from the reasons for the confirmation disappointment to how to settle it.

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What Is SASSA R350 Grant?

The South African government begun SASSA gifts in April 2005. It was established primarily to bolster the citizens of South African nations and halt corruption.

Around 46% of South African citizens gotten a social give in 2022. These awards have been granted to dowagers, children, senior citizens, debilitated people, the unemployed, and war veterinarians.

In May 2022, SASSA moreover presented COVID-19 gifts to bolster its citizens amid the pandemic.

SASSA Personality Confirmation Fizzled Meaning

Amid the confirmation handle, on the off chance that specialists find anything suspicious in your application or your given information doesn’t coordinate the Office of Domestic Undertakings information, your application will appear the status “SASSA R350 Allow Character Confirmation Failed” within the result.

There may be a few reasons behind it. These are as follows:

  • Wong name
  • Off-base surname
  • Off-base personality number
  • That’s why specialists found the botch and ceased your confirmation to prepare it further. SASSA Moya App Complete Details

Settle SASSA R350 Give Personality Confirmation Failed

Your application status ceaselessly appears “SASSA R350 Give Personality Confirmation Failed” status, and you’re biting your nails. Don’t do this. Take after the said steps and utilize your fingers to number the cash you received.

Step 1:

Open the official website of the SASSA Grant.

Step 2: 

Make beyond any doubt to gather all of your true data some time recently updating the application.

Step 3: 

Presently, enter your ID number, title, and surname. Compassionate affirm that you’re entering the right information.

Step 4: 

You will get your sum in the event that the Division Of Domestic Issues Information finds your information agreeing to their feed.

Step 5: 

Be persistent, as the application takes small time to update.

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What Does “Identity Confirmation Fixed” Meaning?

A few recipients have been educated that their application status is showing “Identity Confirmation Fixed,” and they are puzzled approximately it. So let me be clear: on the off chance that your application appears Settled as a status, it’s great news for you.

It essentially means that specialists have overhauled the off-base data within the application.

How to Check the SASSA Status for March R350?

There are many ways to check your SASSA’s 350 status. Switch to the moment and third pathways if you can’t utilize one. You’ll be able SASSA’s Status by the taking after methods. You can message them to inquire for their application status.

  • You can call them on their toll-free number, “0800 601011.”
  • You can contact them by means of WhatsApp; their number is 082 046 8553.
  • You can open their location and after that the “check status” bar to be updated.

The information you would like check your application is, Your ID number and versatile number.

Sorts Of Application Status And Their Meaning

Let’s consider simply have seen your application status, which needs endorsement. At that point don’t you stress? You will have made a little mistake that took you to this organize. After submitting your Versatile and ID number, there are only three conceivable outcomes. 

  • Approved
  • Denied
  • Pending
  • Status Denied Solution

These three statuses mean:

On the off chance that your application status appears endorsed, you’ll get your installment sooner.In case your application is denied, at that point don’t nibble your nails. It essentially implies that you’ve nourished something off-base erroneously. If it’s not too much trouble survey your application’s data altogether and yield it again.On the off chance that your application status is pending, review it once more, discover the crevice, and settle it as before long as possible.

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SASSA Helpdesk Details

Our group believes the article is sufficient to clear all your questions. In any case, feel free to inquire the specialists on the off chance that you’ve got extra questions. I am posting all the means to contact them.

  • Fax: 015 291 7416
  • Helpline: 0800 60 10 11
  • E-mail Address: GrantsEnquiriesLIM@SASSA.gov.za
  • Site: Grantsenquiries@SASSA.gov.za. 



The authorities of the SASSA R350 allow program are strict with respect to data. They are not letting even small scale botches within the application. In your situation, on the off chance that your application status appears SASSA R350 allow character confirmation fizzled, go for SASSA Request and hold up for the status to turn settled.