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SASSA R350 increment to 624 SASSA R350 increment to 624 

SASSA R350 increment to 624

SASSA will increment the Social Alleviation of Trouble give, and it felt like a enchant, hell yes! Arranged things that were beneath rocks, but is it genuine that SASSA R350 expanded to 624? I pondered when a notice popped up on my screen. The South African Social Security Organization (SASSA) gives SRD awards to those inhabitants who endure monetarily and need wage streams to meet their essential needs.

Different contentions are wandering the media almost when the SASSA R350 will increment to 624. Here, we are going how it begun and a few actualities with respect to the SRD give. Secure your seatbelts—let’s jump in!

We misplaced the SRD allow of R350 of SASSA

Whereas doing laundry, I was profoundly included within the climax of a secret novel, my favorite one. I experienced a notice that popped up on my portable screen. SASSA R350 expanded to 624—-a wrong news. My head got stuck since I listened it was genuine. What happened? 

Well, I found a arrangement of dabs that would fathom this perplex. 

Social Media Discussion or Reality?

Social media has made life simple. We approach things quickly. The specialists said that the increment in SRD gifts isn’t substantial. A few local people make it to induce a few sees on the web. Be that as it may, seeing the truths, this explanation was delivered by the Social improvement serve, Lindiwe Zulu, on 16 Eminent 2022. The reason of this step is to extend the skyline to more individuals. So that the larger part can qualify for this support.The honorable news media of South Africa, news24, and the Gatekeeper, passed on her message incautiously. 

They cited her words:

“Having made the changes to the Catastrophe Administration Act, we see that the numbers of individuals being paid the SRD are increasing.”

“Most critically, we expanded the wage cruel limit from R350 to R624, and nowadays we are able that 7.5 million are getting the benefit monthly, and we are drawing nearer the level that we’ll be committed to, to be specific 10.5 million people.”

In the mean time, the government recipients assessed the income afterward. On 10 October 2022, they got an crazy number of applications. Due to the moo limit, more than 50% of applications were rejected, restricting the proportion of individuals. 

“Out of 11.4 million candidates for June, as it were 5.2 million recipients were endorsed. It speaks to less than 50% of the applications,” she said. 

Alteration for SASSA R350 increment to 624

Additionally, she pointed out that to extend the limit, certain alterations are needed.

“We expanded the implies test edge from R350 to R624, which is in line with the evaluated Nourishment Poverty Line for 2022 … We may have to be a advance alteration to the edge to enable more candidates to qualify for the benefit,” 

Social Improvement Serve Lindiwe Zulu said in a statement.

All things happened side by side. So able to say it isn’t a rumor but the department’s carelessness. Well, the considerations were right.

SRD give can’t be expanded to R624 per month—Stated fact

Whereas inquiring questions with respect to the postponing of SASSA R350 increments to 624, a social division part answered that due to “fiscal constraints,” the ask was not considered. 

One of the major misfortunes of this give is swelling. More than 40% of the populace is living underneath the destitution line. 

Who can get the SRD allow R350? 

You ought to know the rules to get it the R350 SASSA grant’s concept. It is conveyed to the inhabitants of SA, Refuge searchers, and refugees—people enduring from low economic conditions. The government underpins them by giving SRD R350 gifts. 

Those who gain nothing or less than R350 can apply for this. The method is digitalized, and no documentation is necessary. After looking into the specified archives, you gotten to be eligible to get the allow. 

Will the SASSA R350 allow increment in 2024?

3 months afterward, we’ll enter 2024. Agreeing to specialists, March 2024 was the month in which they were attending to apply the control. Be that as it may, it did not happen.

It will not increment this year. Well, it could be possible March 2024 will be the hit point for the youngsters. 


The SASSA R350 increment to 624 upgrade rotates around the Social Division and the country’s expansion condition. More individuals will qualify for this program, which can increase the burden on the economy. SASSA R350 increment to 624 news was genuine by the specialists, but it seem not go to achievement. The examined news media insights can assist you investigate the SRD give of R350 more day by day. 


What is the SASSA R350 increment to 624 update?

The social department is taking steps regarding the SASSA R350 increase to 624 update. Still, no date has been announced for the increment.

Is SASSA R350 increased to R700?

SASSA R350 increase to 624, now to R700, is no more than a rumor on social media. Unfortunately, it isn’t by SASSA and is considered fake news. 

Is the SASSA R350 grant taxable?

The SASSA SRD grant was considered taxable income, typically not subject to personal income tax.

What should I do if I receive the SASSA R350 grant after I have found employment?

If you’ll your bills, it’s necessary to inform SASSA. After getting employment, receiving the SRD grant may lead to legal and financial complications.